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19 Type of Writing Assignments That Freelance Writers Can Take Up

A writer doesn’t need to be only a blogger and there are various other writing assignments that a writer can take up.

  1. Proofreading – Proofread a book / ebook.
  2. eBook or White papers – Write an ebook or white paper.
  3. Sales Pages – Sales pages that people can buy from.
  4. Web Pages – Pages on sites like about pages, services pages, portfolio pages etc.
  5. Blog Posts – Blog articles or posts.
  6. Reviews – Product reviews / places reviews.
  7. Magazine Articles – Articles for magazines or publications.
  8. Newspaper Columns – Columns in a newspaper.
  9. Marketing emails / mails – Sales letters in mails / emails.
  10. Newsletters – Weekly / monthly newsletters for websites.
  11. Annual reports – Companies annual reports.
  12. Business plans – Companies business plans or presentations.
  13. Media kits – Advertising and media kits.
  14. Press releases – Press releases of company or website.
  15. Case studies – Compile the complete case study.
  16. Research reports – Perform research and compile reports.
  17. Speeches – Delivered to audience on podium.
  18. Video scripts – Scripts performed by actors in videos.
  19. Internal Documentation – Document internal communication process.

These categorization can be applied to numerous industries and sectors and so as a writer possibilities are endless.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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