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3 Non Price Based Reasons Why Freelancer Should Fire Clients

If you have read The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, you will know the pareto principle very well and according to me it is the ultimate formula for being successful.

All clients are not equal. Some are high-paying clients and many are low-paying, some will be long-term clients and many short-term clients.

Ideally, you should be working for high-paying long-term clients and avoid these low-paying short-term clients, low-paying long-term clients and also high-paying short-term clients.

So fire all your clients who aren’t high-paying and long-term. If you think that will be crazy, fire all low paying clients (long-term or short-term) and focus on those who are willing to pay you well.

If you even think firing clients will be crazy, try increasing your rates for low paying clients to see if they value your increase in price. Those who hire your services for a price will be gone and those who value your services will stick.

Few of my long-term clients are working with me for a decade now and takes an increase in my price very well because they value my fast turn around time and speed of getting things done whereas other long-term clients did not take an increase in my hourly price acceptable and are now gone.

Those clients don’t deserve you. So here are the non-pricey reasons why you should be firing your clients

1. Unreasonable demands

There are clients who will always ping you in Skype when you aren’t available and don’t respect your timezone or even want you to be available when they ping you or suddenly out of the blue want things done now and don’t take that you can be busy.

Unreasonable can vary from person to person but if a client always needs me to be available for a meeting in the midnight and cannot manage things early is unreasonable and will be fired even before the first meeting.

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2. Slow To Pay

There had been many incidents where clients have been either very slow to pay or take too long to respond. I fire them in the first possible chance.

Here is one client where I completed everything well ahead of time but was not able to review it because he said he was traveling.

Travelling is fine but 3 months and not able to find an hour or two to review the project is not justifiable. Refunded the escrow and asked him to keep the extension as a gift from me.

3. Don’t accept suggestions

With a decade of experience managing and building forums, I can offer suggestions and if they aren’t ready to listen, those clients will never be long-term clients and can be fired.

One of my clients is (still is) on vBulletin 4 (Imagine using ages old buggy software) and each thing he wants starts with I want to move out of vBulletin to xenForo but before I have the budget and do the move I want to get this done in vBulletin.

The latest requirement was an issue with vBSEO (yet another out of vBulletin out of date and out of business software) and higher spam where I had to let him know this is already part of xenForo and you should do the move and it cannot be handled any better in vBulletin 4.

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Final Thoughts

Don’t be afraid to fire clients and there is nothing wrong in it. Be ready to do less because less is the new more.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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