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What is actually Social Media Marketing?

When it comes to Social Media Marketing many thinks that it is mainly about getting traffic from large social Networking sites like Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn but that is actually not true. You can definitely use such sites to drive traffic to your website but that is just a part of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing can be as simple as having an “Email to friend” link on pages or even having signature in your out going emails which links to your website.

So let’s try to define Social Media Marketing in our own terms.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing can be defined as method of marketing which is viral in nature that spreads through web, email, word of mouth, or social networking sites.

Most important aspect of the above definition is “The term Viral“.

Social networking sites functions in a way that you can see what your friends are doing. If you browse a website and submit the link in Facebook all your friends can see the link. In a way your friend can see your online activities and so you do not need to ask your friends to ask their friends to visit particular site.

Remember Viral when you think about social media marketing.

Next most important factor in social media marketing is the number of actual friends who are keeping an eye on your activity or following you. If you have lots of friends who see your activity regularly about what you do, you can be a good social media marketeer and vice versa.

So next time when somebody talks about social media marketing in twitter he may not be totally wrong but do ask him if he actually knows what is social media marketing?

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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