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VibrantMedia Review – A Better Alternatives to Kontera

In December 2010 when I reviewed Infolinks, VibrantMedia invited me to their network and after 4 months I had my first VibrantMedia Check in my hand.

So let me review VibrantMedia and compare it with Kontera with respect to InText Advertising (VibrantMedia even offers banner advertising). The benefit of using InText over other Ad methods always remains the same for both the networks.


VibrantMedia lacks advance reporting. It just does not have any reporting information for impressions but only shows the aggregate clicks and revenue where as Infolinks have very detailed reporting of impressions clicks and Kontera reporting is one more step further. It even shows the keywords as well as URL’s of your site that drives maximum revenue.

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Though I could not compare VibrantMedia and Kontera based on CTR or eCPM I can assure that I am making 5 to 7 times more money from VibrantMedia than I was making for Kontera at the same traffic level and this data is not for a month or two but is based on 5 months data. Earnings for the month of April is 5.6 times more than for December I made with Kontera and my traffic level is higher by roughly 20% as per Google Analytics.

To add to it, Kontera had very unstable earnings like you can see below. One day it is up, next day it is almost zero.


I had a misconception earlier that VibrantMedia does not accept Non-US publishers but they not only accept international publishers but also supports PayPal as the payment method. They need to verify your address and so the first payment is in the form of a check. I also received second payment from VibrantMedia in PayPal.

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Publisher Referral

As per the official Kontera blog for every publisher you refer to Kontera, you’ll get a referral bonus of 10% of their monthly net revenue. My Kontera Review is online since December 2009 and is ranked high in Google as well but I am yet to refer a single publisher. Sound’s very strange to me. Cannot say for sure if there has been any conversion but it is very unlikely that after thousands of clicks I have not referred a single publisher or advertiser.

Now for VibrantMedia they have a very lucrative referral program.

Site Traffic (PVs per month)Referral Award
250K – 500K$100
500K – 1M$500
1M – 5M$1,000
5M – 10M$2,000
10M +$3,000

In How did you hear about us: add imtips.co when you Signup at VibrantMedia

Ad Control

With Kontera you have to manually add a <div class=”KonaBody”> if you want to restrict Kontera to stop showing ads on some areas of your page like Navigation and other non-content area. Same goes to Infolinks as well but Vibrantmedia automatically detects content area of a page and display the ads only in content and not in the Navigational areas and other areas where you don’t want the ads to appear.

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Final Thoughts

Your first choice should be VibrantMedia or Infolinks but definitely not Kontera.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • 13hm13

    Shabbir: I’m not surprised you were approved by Vibrant … you are a notable figure and wield political power via this site (imtips.co). IME, Vibrant seems very secretive in approving — I speak both from experience and from myriad and numerous user postings elsewhere. Also about the displayed VibrantMedia check above … again, I’m not surprised that YOU earned some $$. After all, you’re a putative expert in Internet income methods (e.g., this very site). Realize that blog/sites like this are more for the Average Joe blogger. So because a guru like Shabbir of imtips is approved and makes some $$ from a putatively important company like Vibrant is not at all surprising.

    • What you are saying may be correct but to get approved in better advertising networks, you should have good traffic coming to your site and that is all needed. Ad networks will approve publishers that have audience to sites.

      • 13hm13

        Vibrant doesn’t give specific reasons for rejecting an application. Here is part of their rejection email copied/pasted verbatim (minus personal info of course):
        Subject: “Inquiry” [note how RIDICULOUSLY generic this subject is!]
        From: Shaun Lin
        Hello ___ –
        Thank you for your interest in Vibrant. Unfortunately, after looking at your site, ___.com, we have decided that it is not the best fit for our service at this time. Please feel free to stay in touch, and let us know if you have any questions.
        Shaun Lin

        • All ad network has similar emails when rejecting publishers.

  • Good review Shabbir, it had quite a lot of useful information. would have been better to see How it fare with infolinks.

    • Actually there is no comparison. 10x better than infolinks

  • my site currently have 9000 page views and 35k traffic and hosted on blogger do you think it would yield some thing ppc never worked for me tried adsence,chitika,adbrite,cliksore,infolink getting some money off linbucks but not happy with earning need helping

    • Raju, premium ad networks don’t approve blogspot subdomain sites and so you have to remain with those kind of networks only.

  • sajeevkr


  • now admaya is running …….

  • hai,adsense is not approved me….what are the other advertisement platform?…..tried bidvertiser,clicksor,infinty ads,adbrite…….any other good one for my blogs ? my traffic is slowly increasing now …..now admaya is approved …what to do ?

    • You said Admaya approved but their domain has expired already.

      Your site is on blogspot sub domain and so don’t expect any other good ad networking approving that.

  • ss

    I have been using infolinks. For a while, it was okay, but now I mostly see 0 earning. I quite don’t understand why it is happening. My contents are reaching the readers and they are quite detailed. I want to try out Vibrant media. But I just have one question. Does adsense have any kind of objection against it? I have their ads on my blog.

    • No there is no issue with Adsense but earnings 0 in infolinks is a concern. Has your traffic changed?

      • ss

        No, the traffic actually went up. Adsense seems to be going with the flow. But same is not happening with infolinks which shows me 0 clicks and 0 earning. Only when there is a bit of low traffic, clicks come back. Pretty weird. I sometimes feel that it is intention on their part. Perhaps, they want me to try out their other ads like tag clouds and so on?

  • I have set up a blog 20 days ago. This is my first blog. I applied for adsense. They rejected citing that my domain is not 6 months old and content is thin.

    Can I apply for other alternatives to adsense you mentioned? I have 4 articles published and will add 2 per 10 days. OBVIOUSLY no page views yet.


    • Sharad, you are trying too much on getting ads rather than getting a blog which has traffic, content and readers. I really doubt you will be approved by any ad network for a 20 day old blog.

  • I’ve been running Vibrant Media for more than a year now. I see decent earnings, though rather erratic. I do like the control you have to keep your titles from turning into text ads.

    • Yes true. You have very little control on where ads appear but if you see ads on areas you don’t want an ad you can report and they correct it pretty fast.

  • ensure

    How long does VibrantMedia take to review your application? It has been 2.5 days and I haven’t gotten a reply from them as yet.

    • Not sure and you can wait for few days or ask their support team.

  • ensure

    What ads are you running on go4expert showthread header and besides similar threads / articles?

    • Mixture of lot of ad networks based on eCPM.

  • yes I have sent them an e-mail. Do they update reports in real time or after 24 hours?

  • I have correctly implemented Vibrant Media tag on my websites but I cannot see any in-text ad on any page. My report shows 00 also. Any help will be highly appreciated.

    • Why don’t you ask the VibrantMedia support to see what is wrong.

  • will they pay in unvarified paypal?

    • Instead of finding third party would do, it is better to get the PayPal verified.

  • I am currently working with infolinks and want to join vibrant media. I think they pay more. Any advice please?

    • The only advice is APPLY. If you want you can use my aff link in post.

  • utags

    So what are the minimum requirements for publisher?

    • As such they have no minimum requirements stated on the site but as I can see in the publisher interface 200k PVs per month is good.

  • Looks great!
    Is it support Indian traffic?

    • Pankaj, they don’t give much details in report about the impressions and so cannot say anything about that.

      • ah! then I have to try! 😉

        • That is the best way to go.

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