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Is Your Valentine Programming Language Dampening Your Career Growth?

Every developer has that one programming language which can be considered as his or her valentine programming language. It is that programming language that can give you sleepless nights and still you want to be an expert in it.

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For me it was C++.

There is no harm in being such a programmer but it should not mean that it is at the cost of your career growth.

Widen your Worldview

Once you know only few programming languages you will choose one among the known to be your valentine programming language. If you explored more, you will find that you have lot more options than the one you have selected.

I selected C++ because my worldview was limited to my known programming languages back then and it was C++ out of C++ and Java.

If I would have explored python or PHP in my college days, I would have selected something else as my valentine programming language.

As I experimented with things outside of the programming world I found them interesting as well. Some of my experiments

  • Writing – I really enjoy writing and blogging.
  • Balance Sheet Analysis – Going through the companies balance sheets to spot good investing opportunities. Felt like I was debugging in a lot different way.
  • Marketing – I did like it but not as much as writing or investing.
  • Technical Analysis – I liked it but prefer balance sheet analysis more because I felt like I was debugging.

Unless you experiment and keep options open to widening your worldview, you may never know what you will enjoy the most. It could be even space travel.

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Learn to Move On

Moving on is very difficult and if you are a control freak like me, it can take a long time to move on and let that be as it is.

I was using Visual Studio in my job profile for C++, MFC and C# but as a freelancer when I moved over to PHP, I was still using my Visual Studio to code in PHP because I was so used to it.

The visual studio was my preferred choice because I was so used to with features like find in files and find in a project and ignored some of the issues when using it for PHP.

As an example, uploading file using FTP in Visual Studio was not possible back then (I am not sure about now) and so I would download the file edit it in visual studio and then upload it. Once uploaded use browser to test and if needed edit and upload again. So had Visual Studio, FileZilla and Browser windows to toggle and the process was very long for each small change.

I couldn’t just move on using Visual Studio.

Once my computer was formatted, I was forced to look for an alternate solution and that is when I was forced to use Netbeans and found it so much better for what I needed.

Now I am so used to Netbeans for PHP.

List of things where I am forced to move on is endless but I am quite open to moving on now than I was earlier. If you don’t, the baggage you may need to carry can be too much for you to prosper.

Technology should enhance you to make a move forward and not drag you.

Work Smarter

Do you remember what’s your job timing? If you do, lucky you. Now tell me when have you left the job at the stipulated time.

We Indians are culturally hard working and prefer working long hours.

9to5 or 10to6 and I am sure no one has ever left their office before 6 PM. At least that has never been the case for people in Kolkata. Normal time to leave office was 8 PM.

As an employee, we are trained to be working for tasks and not working for a time where as compensated for time. Your salary is for the time you give to the company and not based on a task that needs 10 hours to complete and you are expected to deliver before EOD (end of business) today.

You may think it is not possible but in my 4 years of doing a job, I was never in the office after 7 PM. Left office only once at 10 PM and few times at 8 PM. Those few times when I left at 8 PM was because some deliveries to servers could take longer to post and build which was pretty much not under my control.

You have to let your boss or manager understand when you can get it completed. Certain things will need time and the best way to describe is a quote by Warren Buffet:

No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.

Saying a no should be a discipline and if you don’t say no, your boss or manager will make sure you get everything done today itself leaving you very little time to widen your worldview.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Abhimanyu

    Valentine Programming. This is something new for me atleast.

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