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5 Tips to increase RSS Readers – First Milestone of 2500 Blog Readers

I noticed today that the blog hit 2500 RSS reader. I started CodeItWell.com quite sometime back but today it crossed first milestone of 2500 RSS Subscribers. I will share few of my experiences on how I went about it.

1. Trustworthy and Unique Content

I always focus on good and trustworthy content. I know there are lots of people in Make Money Online Arena who write about the same but I give my own perspective on each of the product that makes CodeItWell.com unique. At the end of it a knowledgeable blogger can create more amazing content than a newbie.

2. Connect with Readers

Any Blogger has to follow this in order to be successful. If you cannot take the pain of replying to the queries of your readers you will not get much success. Successful blogger not only prompts the reader to leave comments on the blog but also take active interests in replying to them.

3. Offer RSS by Email

As you can see Aweber’s Blog Broadcast is one of the biggest contributor towards my RSS Subscribers count and if you are not offering RSS by Email you can loose large chunk of your readers.

Many argue about using Feedburner for Email Subscription but I don’t prefer that and see why?

4. Make It Easy for Your Readers to Subscribe

This goes without saying that you should not make your RSS subscription hidden in some corner of your page, rather allow user to find it more easily than anything else on your blog. Never assume that your readers are smart enough to find the URL to your RSS feed.

5. Consider your readers (not SEO) a Foundation

Building the blog readership is my number one priority and it should be your number one priority as well to start with. A blog subscriber is far more important than a visitor who drops by from search engine or even a backlink from a partner who links to your blog. Of course they are important but not as much as readers.

Bonus Tip: Have a Goal

Set small yet achievable targets for your blog readers and try to achieve it.

At this rate of growth, it won’t be long before I break 5,000 or 10,000 RSS readers. Anyone want to take a guess on what date I’ll reach it?

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Bookmarked..!!

  • codeunlock

    Its really encouraging to see that you post about your first 2500 readers on your blog where you have more than 65k members on all your forum. Its really encouraging.

    • That gave me an idea about the post and I will soon have it online and update here.

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