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When Is The Right Time to Quit A Job?

There is no right time and there will be no right time when someone will come and tell you that this is the time for you to quit. The moment you decide in your mind you need to, becomes the right time.

You can switch jobs for various reasons. In my job career, I have quit 3 jobs. I was in my third job before completing my first year of being an employee.

I settled into my third job because there were no reasons to convince me that I need to switch. It was then I decided in my mind that I wanted to build my own business online.

I was already an entrepreneur then because I was working over the weekends and after returning from my job to build my online business over the Internet.

I was seeing results from my weekend work but my savings were not good enough to give me the confidence to quit. I have a wife and 2 kids and so I wanted to make sure I had 8 months of my family expense before I say goodbye to my very stable and good paying job.

8 months because I wanted to try everything I could and I should for 6 months to build my online business that I was working on weekends and if still things don’t work out, can get back to a job in the next couple of months.

It took me 3 long years after I was ready to quit to actually quit my job and here is the process that I followed to actually quit my job. If I look back now, any time in that 3 year time period could have been the right time to quit my job.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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