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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

ThePlanet Review

ThePlanet is acquired by SoftLayer

Many times I am asked what host do I use for Go4Expert and do I actually use any of the shared host I suggest here. Actually I have used them in the past but currently I do not use shared hosting but have my own dedicated server at ThePlanet and so today I will review my own hosting experience with ThePlanet.


  1. If they offer a promotion for new customer they will not offer you the same reduced pricing as an old customer however if  you find that your server has some promotion and if you talk with the support it can make your server cheaper for the rest of our life.
  2. Cloud hosting is the future and rackspacecloud have started offering cloud sites where you host your site on the cloud and forget about it but ThePlanet has no such cloud hosting. They do offer cloud servers but cloud servers do not mean they fulfill are your complete hosting needs. You still need an extra server to host PHP and MySQL.


  1. One of the main reasons for me to move from GoDaddy VPS to ThePlanet was they have very affordable dedicated servers and offer wide range of servers.
  2. I have moved to ThePlanet in January 2009 and soon in next six months time I had to upgrade the server couple of times before moving to a better server and each time upgrade hardly had any downtime. RAM Upgrades, CPU upgrades all were done with no complains from my users.
  3. When moving to a better server they refunded the money left on the old server which was not expected on my end but it just made me felt good.
  4. Very good support and at times go far beyond to help me out. I suspected a DDoS attack on my server and they really helped me get it solved.

Final Thoughts

I will definitely recommend ThePlanet to users looking for dedicated servers.

If you have more experience to share about ThePlanet do post them in comments.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Karthick

    Which is the best host? Planet or Blue Host

    • ThePlanet is now acquired by softlayer and they were really good but then they don’t offer shared hosting like BlueHost which is good for new sites where you actually don’t need a complete dedicated server.

      • Karthick

        If I use Vbulletin can I have my own design for the forum…Like the design I wish to do…

        • If you think you will not be able to design a vBulletin forum then what do you think about 1000s of forums that are running on vBulletin including forums like Daniweb, go4expert, sitepoint and many others.

          So I will suggest you to keep the questions related to the topic like this question you have asked is nothing to with vBulletin. On top of that try to Google these basic questions as well as that will save your time as well as mine.

          • Karthick

            Thank you for your reply. I am getting my website ready and I am going to have a community and a blog in the same website… Is that Okay? I hope it will be good because users can post their needs….Also please help me in installing V bulletin and word press….

  • tamik

    why not if proven good.

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