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Story of Indian Human Spammer

When it comes to attitude I really like never give up attitude because somewhere down the line I myself find connected to such an attitude and today I will share with you a story of a spammer on Go4Expert.com forum. She (From the usernames I could sense) was a human spammer from India.

If you are a webmaster you may be aware of human spamming from India and yes its shame to be saying that being an Indian but fact is a fact no matter how bitter it tastes.

I myself have banned so many IPs of user spamming my forum and when I check the country they are from India and it really feels bad but there is nothing much that could have been done anyway apart from banning and posting a story here. 🙂

One human spammer had just too much of energy for spamming and she still spam’s Go4Expert.com once in a while. Its few years now that she does it and recently she did the same and so now instead of taking negative out of her I thought lets take something positive from that as well.

I really like her attitude but it is definitely used in the wrong direction but let us start.

Remember that I have a vBulletin Spam Prevention Plugin which do not allow any new users to post links and/or images.

One day I got some web hosting review site spam on my forums and as a normal process I banned the user. Though it was not click-able link I still follow the same process for spammers.

Then she created few more accounts to spam the forum and I found that she uses @herdomainname.com as email address and so I banned her email address domain which means now nobody can register in my forum using @herdomainname.com

Then she created few more accounts in my forums using GMail / Yahoo Email addresses to spam and so I banned her IP and this is when I realized she was an Indian.

Normally the process stops here for majority of spammers but that was not the case this time.

She started using different IPs and so many a times she could post on my forum.

I really appreciated that she even tested if she could browse the forum each time she connected to internet and if she could, as usual she would spam.

As new users are not allowed to post click-able links but she was happy spamming like codeitwell.com instead of CodeItWell.com but now I even stopped codeitwell.com into posts using my spam prevention plugin. Guess what?

She started using strings like c o d e i t w e l l . c o m to spam.

I then started banning all those users but now I started giving reasons for banning like

  1. Well try for 3 views to your spam thread.
  2. Keep trying but all your efforts were for 10 minutes

Then she was more intelligent enough to post when I am not seen online and this is where I had to make myself invisible so people like her cannot post when I am not around.

Now I still see her once in a while spamming but I guess the reasons I gave annoyed her more than anything but I am sure she still did not understood the fact that spamming is not a long term solution and it will not help. If she could have used half of that much time making genuine posts she could have got more posts which could have given her more links and even authority in business than humiliation.

Next time when I ban her I will not give that annoying reason and instead redirect her to this post and annoy her more that I am making more money than her from her story. 😀

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • fcxzc

    virus download

  • We know one more such nuisance from Go4Expert.com 🙂

  • codeunlock

    What drives you to fight this person down to this level? I would have banned probably series of IPs and you are still just banning him one by one.

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