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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

Step By Step Guide to Start Selling With Clickbank

Recently I launched my first paid eBook in finance and I preferred Clickbank because of its ease of use as an e-commerce platform. On top of that it is one of the top preferred website by affiliates. My aim is not to use Affiliates to that extent but I don’t mind if I get few extra sales.

As this is my first product I was doing lot of reading about what I should be using and though I found the help of Clickbank useful, it was too much in lot of places and so let me put all things in one place and write a step by step process to get your first product live in Clickbank.

First you will need to have a ClickBank vendor account. If you have an affiliate account you can use the same account but if you don’t have an account with Clickbank, get one now using my affiliate link here or direct link here. Account is free and there is nothing you need to pay upfront to start selling. You only pay once your product is approved for selling in Clickbank. The only requirement to have an account is your own top level domain name. Clickbank does not allow you to use sub-domains on another site, such as blogspot.com or wordpress.com. If you don’t have your own domain and hosting you can look for some of the best cheap shared hosting article and get one now.

Once you have your account ready you will need to have a product which you want to be selling. Clickbank accepts the following type of products

  • Audio
  • EBook
  • Games
  • Membership Site
  • Software
  • Video

Once your product is ready all you need to start selling through Clickbank is a sales page and a thank you page. The complete information about what should be in a sales page and thank you page can be found here but still I will mention some of the key points that will help you move things faster.

1. Sales Page

The Sales Page or Pitch Page should describe your product to visitors to convert them into potential customers. Clickbank has some minimum requirements about the sales page.

  • Detail description of the product.
  • Cost of the product and if product is recurring billing, the re-bill schedule.
  • The file format of your product, as well as any pre-requisite software required. For eBooks normally it is an Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Method of deliver of your product like a direct download link or through email and the time frame when the product will be delivered.
  • A prominent contact link or email address
  • Last but by no means least – the payment link to buy the product which is of the form http://ITEM_NUMBER.VENDOR.pay.clickbank.net. VENDOR is your Clickbank username and ITEM_NUMBER I will explain later when we add the product itself.

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2. Thank you Page

After you have your sales page the next step is to create the thank you page. Thank you page is something where you instruct the user on how to get the product he just paid for and what to expect from the product. You can also add how to use the product more effectively as well as suggest few more recommended products.

Clickbank needs some vital piece of information to be on the thanks page.

  1. Customers must be able to reach you very easily and so a prominent contact link or an email address.
  2. Remind customer that his or her credit card or bank statement will show a charge by CLKBANK*COM.

Once you have completed both sales and thanks page the next step is to upload your product details in Clickbank.

Login to your Clickbank account and visit Account Settings > My Site.

See if you have your site details configured correctly. Make sure you update affiliate commission percentage you are willing to pay to your affiliates in the Marketplace Information.

If you see something not right for your product, edit now to get it right. If you are not sure about getting the description right it does not matter because you can edit it later. Make sure you have the category selected as right because it is something you cannot edit later. Target URL is editable even after the product is approved but not category.

3. Product Details

Once you have your site data in your Clickbank account the next step is to add your product. Login to your Clickbank account and visit Account Settings > My Products and add your new product.

Your thanks page and price are the two fields which you need to enter into your product details.

The item number is the field ITEM_NUMBER used for the payment link (explained above). For my eBook the payment link becomes http://1.sbhimani.pay.clickbank.net/. Thanks page URL is the page we created above.

Remember Clickbank charges fees of 7.5% +$1 per transaction and so make sure you price your product accordingly.

Now once your product is added it is not yet submitted for approval and you have to complete one last step before you submit your product for approval – i.e. a test sale.

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4. Test Sale

Visit Account Settings > My Site and scroll to the bottom where you see Testing your product. Generate a test credit card. Once you have the credit card. Visit your sales page and click on the payment link. Test credit card details only have card number and expiry and so email and name can be anything but use the real email address so you get the notification of the test sale correctly.

Once your test sale is complete you should end up on your thanks page and you should be able to download the product you tested for.

5. Submit Product

You are now ready to submit the product for approval. Clickbank suggest waiting for 3-5 business days for it to get approved but normally if you have completed all steps correctly it should get done by next business day.

Once your product is approved this is when you need to pay a one-time $49.95 activation charge to Clickbank for listing your product. Remember Clickbank balance cannot be used to pay the fees but they do accept PayPal as a payment method.

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Clickbank Fees

If you are using you should know all the fees Clickbank will charge to get your money into your bank account.

  • $49.95 as product activation fees.
  • $2.50 pay period processing charge for every payment that ClickBank issues to you
  • Each sale commission is 7.5% plus $1.

Refer Fees for more details on Clickbank charges.

What we have done till now is the minimum we need to get the product listed in Clickbank and start selling but there are few additional recommended things you should be doing.

6. Have An Affiliates Page

You can have ready made resources for your Affiliates to use like Banners and other content like reviews and email body. Once you have your affiliates resource done you can add them into a page on your website and specify the URL in Clickbank.

Visit Account Settings > My Spotlight and under the My Spotlight Profile Add the Affiliate Tools URL. Adding Affiliate resources will add an extra icon () to your Marketplace listing.

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7. HopAds

Clickbank recommends that every ClickBank vendor should create HopAds for their product(s), because without any extra effort and cost you can potentially gain lots of extra sales from other affiliates. HopAds are displayed on other affiliates Web sites as part of contextual HopAds program.

Visit Account Settings > My Ads and create your ad. You only need to specify Headline, Description and Keywords for your product and it starts running on affiliate’s website.

I hope I have not missed anything and I am sure it will help all new to Clickbank with information that can impact their success in Clickbank. Share your views in comments below.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • vinodh

    thanks for the guide. I mean I never knew that we can change currency to indian rupee (in clickbank).

    • The pleasure is all mine Vinodh.

  • pravin kumar

    How to add bank account to click bank

    • You will be able to add Bank account once you have received 2 physical checks only.

      • pravin kumar

        which name and address received physical checks ..

        • Of course the one that you have in your Clickbank Account.

  • Prem

    Hey Shabbir, i was wondering if clickbank actually go through your entire product? I was thinking of launching a membership site. If that’s the case do i have to give them some login information?? Also what if my sales page/pitch page is a free video course but will have a picture on the side of the website(sales page) that have information of what paid members will receive and for how much? How does that work?

    • Prem, for membership site, you need to have a membership software that can manage the users who have active subscriptions and things like those. I recommend amember http://imtips.co/go/amember ( Aff link ).

      amember can be integrated with many other softwares like WordPress / vBulletin and others so you can leave the payment CB / PayPal and amember will handle the payments and user management into your actual site in CMSes like WP / vB

  • brother can you give me you r yahoo,gmail contact i will contact you plz

    • You can use the contact form on this blog.

  • brother can you teach me how i earn money form clickbank.com plz reply me

  • Lillie Corbell

    Thank you for sharing such good and very helpful information!

  • Amit Naik

    Covered pretty much everything but still I will add one more thing which is about product images. Product Images is something that can be added after your product is approved but it is one thing which should be done by vendor’s

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