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SEO Vs SEM – Can you afford only SEO?

The difference between SEO Vs SEM is already discussed in my article about Effective Search Engine Optimization but just to recap

SEO is ranking your site well in the organic search results using tips liked by search engine but SEM is much bigger than SEO. SEM includes the complete SEO process but also include the PPC Marketing as well as collecting data for more effective SEO.

But today I am going to present a new perspective on SEM which is can you afford only SEO? I will take the example of number 2 website of the world. Yes you are right Facebook.

Yesterday when I was scratching my head for ideas to write something more about SEO I just started Googling about my family members name in Google.

Sadik Bhimani – My Brother Sadik.in
Lubna Shabbir – My Wife’s Name Lubna.in

And see what I saw.

A site as big as Facebook even Advertises for less competitive keywords which are names of the users in their account.

Go check if Facebook considers you name to bet money on?

If you did not found any ads on Google for your name do not worry. I also did not found anything for my name nor does David Beckham have any. So cheer up!!!


Now there may be various questions in mind and one of them could be “Why does Facebook advertises on such low searched keywords?” The answer is simple

  1. Very low or no competition
  2. Highly targeted
  3. SEO is impractical for so many users and keywords.

Lesson to be learnt

If you have a blog or a website your aim should not be to jump into anything very competitive but you should find low competitive and highly targeted keywords like Facebook did for their business. If you can do that there is no stopping for your business.

Over to you

Have you found something like this for your business? If yes do share with us, if no stop reading and start finding.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Robert

    Yeah shabbir most for your family members are bloggers 🙂

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