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Should One Be Satisfied In Their Twenties?

No, you shouldn’t be but if you are, you possibly haven’t sought options to try things. Instead of being satisfied, try experimenting in the twenties?

If you are satisfied

  • It means you are paid well and doing what you wanted to be doing but that cannot be the only reason for satisfaction in the twenties.
  • You may be the youngest member of a team and all other are well settle and you are satisfied because people around you are.

In the twenties, you should be ready to experiment. The experiment can be anything from trying to be a freelancer, entrepreneur or even switch technologies and responsibilities in a job.

In the twenties, your worldview will be limited and everyone should be willing to experiment and so being satisfied can limit your worldview forever.

People learn from their mistakes and if you haven’t made few mistakes, you have not explored your full potential.

When I was doing a job, many colleagues were satisfied in their job and they are an awesome team leader or an awesome project manager but I always thought they could have done much more than being what they are on the contrary some of my investment blog readers at the age of retirement are willing to learn trade and invest in equity market.

I was in love with C++ programming in college and if I had been doing C# programming (which was my last job profile), I may not know what being a marketing consultant means or being an investor in the equity market is?

I did many job switches because I was never satisfied. About my job switches on my about page. I was a trader in the equity market with good success ratio and my experiment with investing helped me move from being a trader to being an investor and it was possible only because I wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing and looking for more.

  • If you considered earning more than what you deserve, you are in the wrong fraternity and you need to move your circle such that you should not be the most earning person.
  • If you are considered the most intelligent person among friends, you are with the wrong fraternity and you need to move your circle such that you should be able to learn from people.

It is not about money or knowledge but it is about experimentation. If you don’t experiment, there is no way to increase your worldview.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • CZ

    This is so true. I have seen many people when they are satisfied, limit their growth potential.

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