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S3Browser Review

I had plans to buy BucketExplorer but as it is very slow I thought of looking at some faster alternatives before buying BucketExplorer and so I landed on S3Browser.


  1. Slick and very fast. Download is less than 1 MB and installation was also very fast.
  2. Supports Custom HTTP Headers especially Cache-Control and Reduced Redundancy Storage or RRS.
  3. With an add-on you can convert your Amazon S3 storage into a drive in your Windows Explorer.


Free Version does not allow you to make files publicly readable and so it cannot be used for uploading static content of your website. The issue is not that they do not allow it in free version. The issue lies in misleading information on the website.

After that I saw list of features.

Especially last one. “Set Access Control on Buckets and Files”.

And when I try uploading a file and try to make it public I get the following.

This just took me away from testing them further and may be even getting a Pro Version.

Final Thoughts

Nice and slick software yet I was disappointed with the kind of expectation that was built before I started my download.

Over to you

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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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