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5 Sites I Use For Royalty Free Images for Blog Posts

A picture is worth a thousand words but there is much more than thousand words when it comes to using images in blog posts.

Numerous studies have proved that blog posts with images get more shares on Facebook and lot more tweets and retweets on twitter so using good images in a blog post is a must.

I always prefer royalty free images in all my blog posts. So let me share the 4 sites that I use for getting all my royalty free images for all my blog posts.

1. fotolia

My first choice of site for royalty free images is fotolia.com by Adobe. You will find that most of the time my images are from fotolia.com.

I started using them because images that you want to be using are available under $5. Yes! you read it right, under $5. You need 3 credits to purchase 800px wide image which at the most costs $1.35 x 3 which is $4.05. If you buy more credits in one go, the price is even cheaper.

As I found their images related to what I write, I decided to use a monthly pack for one month and get 500 medium sized images (roughly 1600px wide) related to my blog topics that I can use. On top of that they also offer Free Pics of the Week.

2. PixaBay

PixaBay offers high quality images and photos for free with no attribution required. It is as simple as you grab the photo and use it.

Typically I use images from Pixabay along with Pablo to create that perfect image for my blog post.

3. Pablo

Pablo by Buffer helps create images with options to apply text on them. The best part is, everything is free. Use their images or upload your own.

If I don’t find the right kind of image that I want to use from their inventory, I search PixaBay and then move to Fotolia to grab something for a price.

It is very simple to use where you have to select an image for the background, put your blog post title on the image, choose font and styling and done.

4. Canva

Last but possibly the best solution for getting that perfect image for blog post is Canva. Unlike Pablo where you have few options, Canva offers much more like have your own layout of images, add multiple images, have multiple text elements and many other features.

You can try everything for free and it only costs $1 per paid image or paid element (layout / grid …) used when downloading.


Note: The interface is so enticing that you can play around with it for hours.

5. Vectr

Vector graphics are images that can be scaled to any size and dimension without deteriorating the quality of image and still keeping the file size reasonably small.

So if you want to create images that are of variable size Vectr.com provides the tools for you to get it done for free. Provides vector graphics editor that works on the web as well as has desktop platform for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook.

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Final Thoughts

What image sites do you like? Share them in comments below.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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