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10 Tips on How to Promote Facebook Pages

Facebook Fan Pages can be a great source of traffic to your website. If done in the right way it can bring in lot of users to your site but the important thing is the right way. Today I am going to discuss the effective tips to promote your business on Facebook.

So let us begin.

  1. Complete Facebook Page Profile

    It is always important to give a feel to the user that the page is complete and has the basic information including a logo of your website or business. Incomplete page profile not only harms your profile promotion efforts but demolishes your website brand and when it comes to marketing it is always the power of the brand that works.

  2. Invite Your Facebook Friends

    As soon as you are done with the completion of your page with all the needed information the next important thing you should do is invite your friends to connect to it. If you have lot of friends in Facebook it becomes that much easier to market and grow your Facebook pages but that does not mean if you have less friends you should not invite them. In fact you can ask your few friends to invite their friends to your page and ultimately to your website.

  3. Invite Your Address Book Contacts

    You may not have all your friends connected with you in Facebook and so you can also send your address book contacts an invite to connect to your Facebook page. Apart from that if you have a subscriber list; you can invite your subscribers to your Facebook page.

  4. Use Email Signatures & Chat Status

    If you are able to see my GTalk Chat you will know that I always have my twitter URL in it and you can also do the same for your Facebook fan page. Apart from that you can also use Email signatures to promote your Facebook pages. These little efforts go a long way.

  5. Promote With Widget

    You will see that I have the Facebook fan page widgets everywhere I could and if you are trying to promote your pages it is the right the right thing to be doing at any stage of your promotion. Apart from just helping your website to promote in Facebook it also helps build your reputation. Slowly but surely as your Facebook page becomes famous the count will speak for promoting itself.

  6. Use Content

    You can automatically link your blog’s feed or any other RSS feed to your Facebook pages and as and when you publish anything on your blog your Facebook page gets updated. Many people prefer to use RSS to Wall kind of application but Facebook provides this feature as built in. Just Import your RSS feeds into your notes and it will automatically be posted on your page wall without you needed to do anything from your end.

  7. Post frequently to Wall

    No one likes to be a part of community where he can hear too much of an echo and so as an admin of the new Facebook fan page it is your duty to start of the conversations and controversies. Post to your wall and post as frequently as you can.

  8. Link Facebook and Twitter

    Facebook Twitter Widget allows you to link your Facebook page to your twitter account making updates to go viral on both the networks without any effort from your end.

  9. Facebook Advertising

    The reason I do not prefer Facebook advertising is because they don’t work well with my kind of sites but that does not mean it will not work for you or your niche. Technology niche is not the right one for Facebook but when it comes to entertainment Facebook is the right place to advertise.

  10. Don’t Spam

    This goes without saying. You should keep patience towards the progress of your Facebook page. It will take some time before you actually get your first 100 fans.

These tips have worked well for me and if you have something more to add post them in comments. We will be more than happy to read and apply them in our marketing efforts.

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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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    • Nice to see that but I doubt your pricing model of 6400 USD for one slot towards the end.

  • It has been fixed now, I just checked it!

  • thanks for imparting very informative post. I likely recommend it.

  • marckdon

    Very informative article. I hope to increase the visibility of the site by adopting these effective techniques.

  • Robert

    howdy Shabbir
    Thanks for your auspicious Blog
    but sometimes that widget Doesnot works What to dooo?:-)

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