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All you should know about PPC Marketing

What Is Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

Pay”Per”Click ( PPC ) marketing is a form of advertising where marketers display their ads across search engine result pages ( SERPs ) and other websites related to their products. Advertisers only pays when a user clicks on the advertisement and the cost of each click depends on the amount the advertiser has agreed to pay.

Advantages of PPC over traditional Marketing

  • Television commercial or newspaper advertisement is shown to a random sampling of people where as your pay”per”click advertisement is only displayed to those users who are actively searching for what you have to offer.
  • PPC is cheaper. With a couple hundred dollars, you can easily enter the advertising market and become a major player in your niche.
  • PPC gives you the opportunity to appear on the first page of search results for your desired keywords.
  • With PPC you can track your return on investment very easily.
  • PPC helps setting arbitrage which refers to buying an ad for a relatively cheap keyword to generate sales for a higher profit.
  • Target your competitor. If your competitor uses Adsense to monetize his website you can target his placement using Adwords to drive traffic from your competitor website to your site till he does not realize the same and stops your ads appearring from his website.

Disadvantages of PPC Marketing

  • PPC Marketing can become very costly if not done in the right way.
  • You need to constantly keep tracking your return of investment.
  • Too many factors can effect your PPC Campaign viz keywords, budget, PPC engine, landing page, Ad format, Ad Text …
  • Keep an eye on your competitor because if you can do PPC Marketing your competitor can outbid you.

PPC does not only mean Google Adwords but there are others players in the market like Facebook Ads, StumbleUpon, Yahoo SM and many more …

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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