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10 Awesome New Year Resolutions For Freelancers

Someone is going to gym and others will eat more at home. Everyone around you is making new year resolutions but you are a freelancer and you don’t want to be making these idiotic resolutions that go down the drain after a week.

So what new year resolutions a freelancer can make that aren’t stupid or idiotic and it is not for the sake of making a new year resolution either.

So here are 10 new year resolutions for freelancers that can make them a better freelancer.

1. Connect with Freelancers

As an individual freelancer, you aren’t going to work all alone and will have to find someone who can compliment what you would do. Connecting with other freelancers can be your best source of finding such wonderful people to form a team.

It is not all about you outsourcing and the benefits can be mutual where you can find more work from other fellow freelancers. It opens up many venues.

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2. Increase Rates

If you have enough work coming your way, it makes sense to be increasing your rates and new year can be the best time to increase your rates.

If you aren’t sure if you should be increasing your rates or not, increase rates for new clients and let old clients pay the old rates. Once you have enough new clients paying higher rates, you can ask old clients to increase rates.

If you aren’t increasing rates, add additional services.

3. Learn New Stuff

You shouldn’t wait for a change in calendar to learn new stuff but new year can be nice time to learn something new for self improvement.

I add courses to my Udemy account often to make sure I am learning something new. Udemy is offering $10 on many courses for 1st 10days of 2017 which can be an opportunity to be adding courses to your account that you may want to learn.

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4. Find Better Clients

If you do what you have been doing, you will get results what you have got. So if you want to improve client’s you have to think out of the box and do things differently.

  1. If you have been using only Upwork, start blogging.
  2. If you have been blogging, write an eBook.
  3. If you have an eBook, start advertisement.

Experiment new ways to find more and better clients.

5. Outsource

There is a limit to the amount of work you can do and outsourcing is a necessity of individual freelancers to grow beyond a certain point.

If you aren’t outsourcing, you should have that as a plan to be doing it in 2017. Look what can be outsourced and find new clients where you don’t need to work personally.

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6. More Productive

Freelancer should always try to be more productive and new year can be an awesome time to make a resolution to be more productive in everything one does.

Avoid time killers like social media or over checking of emails from your schedule.

7. Build Individual Brand

Branding is the most important aspect of marketing and there can be nothing more important than building a personal brand for a freelancer.

Work towards building your individual brand as a freelancer and it is the best new year resolutions that anyone can take.

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8. Reduce Debt

I hate debts and it is the sole reason thousands of companies has gone bankrupts. If you have a debt, take a resolution to reduce it bit by bit every month.

9. Improve Client Service

Less communication makes clients very jittery in the outsourcing world and I realized this very early.

So I have always provided a very fast turnaround time to clients where I don’t take more than 24 hours on weekdays to respond.

Better served clients can help you with references, feedback and long term contracts.

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10. Take a Vacation

Every freelancer should take couple of weeks of vacation every year and planning the vacation for freelancer is very important. There can be no better time than planning it as a new year resolution.

Vacations can be very energizing but planning a vacation in advance can be energizing as well. and can provide ample time to saving money for the vacation.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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