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Ways to Make Money Online in 2013 – Content Marketing

2012 was an eventful year and we made ‘Mayan Apocalypse’ yet another ‘end of the world’ doomsday prediction a past. In 2012, my main focus was to build business synergies and partnerships.

I have been discussing partnerships effectively with many of my friends and though some of them never lasted more than one table talk, I managed to get couple of them going as well.

Partnerships in 2012

First we formed WebSpades Technologies Pvt Ltd with Pankaj Biswas and Saikat Ghosh. WebSpades Technologies have been doing really well and the growth of the company is beyond what we could have imagined and is making big leaps forward. We have a team of 5 people and are looking to hire few more in the next couple of months.

My Wife along with Asha Pradeep (Wife of my friend Pradeep) started in partnership What An Indian Recipe. WAIR (As we like to call WhatAnIndianRecipe) is really growing and though I did not expect much of an interest from my wife but she has proved me wrong. This is yet another example of how anybody with interest and dedication can manage to make money online. If they can do it, anybody can do it. You just have to start believing and focus on building your online presence.

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2012 in Review

Formed a company CoreBlogger Technologies Pvt Ltd for my blogging business and have been moving both of my blog earnings into the company so I can track income from blogging separately but as I have been busy with other things, it is not making a big progress but I expect it to soon pickup.

Apart from making CoreBlogger Technologies a tracking source for my blogging income, the main focus of this company will be to Invest in Tech Properties. I have already booked an office for this company in Salt Lake Sector V, which will be available for possession in January (as per the builder which I don’t believe). 90% of the payment is complete from our side and final payment will be completed soon as well. 60% of the funding will be by the directors of the company (I and my wife) and rest is debt in the company from private parties (as they offer better rate of interest).

Plans for 2013

CoreBlogger Technologies

Forums has always been my main focus but in 2013, I will try to balance forums and blogs both because I think 2013 will be the year for content marketers. I will try to write more good quality content for my forums as well as for my blogs. On top of that CoreBlogger’s vision is to invest in web and tech properties and so I will try to find more investment opportunities in 2013.

WebSpades Technologies

New partnerships is something I will actively hunt for in 2013 but my highest priority will be to make WebSpades Technologies a bigger and better company. Ideally doubling the turn over in next year or so. It is something that is not yet discussed in the meetings but is something that has always been in the back of my mind.

Forums & Communities

Majority of my earnings is from ads on my forums and so I do need to keep that growing as well. Blogging (CoreBlogger Technologies) and Freelancing (WebSpades Technologies) is something that has to get more of my focus in 2013 but it also means that I need to keep my forums growing with content as well.

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Final Thoughts

I will focus on investing into tech and web properties and so if you some plans where we can form some synergies do let me know.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • yogeshkumar

    Sir, I am new beginner, and i am doing the work of paid to click advertisement in ptc websites and earn little.
    Sir, can you please guide me how should i get more referral in online earning.
    I am very happy to hear you.


    • You are wasting your time in PTC sites Yogeshkumar. Those sites seldom pays and that too pennies for the time you need to put in. Focus on other better alternatives like blogging and refer people to your site than to those PTC sites.

  • Mukesh

    I’m a beginner here. Please do notify me how I can contribute!
    You can find me @ in.linkedin.com/in/ermukeshkumar

    • What do you want to contribute Mukesh?

  • Karthick

    Hi Shabbir,

    I am intrested… Can you give me the complete details?

    • Hi Karthick, What kind of details should I give?

      • karthick

        I wish to partner with you and what are the requirements you need. Also, I want you to be the part of my online venture for the forum I am going to make. Could you please provide me with the details?

        • Sure, we can discuss this over voice. Send me your contact number on my email. You can find my email from my contact page

          • Karthick

            I have sent the number

            • Yes I have it and will give you a call.

  • Hi Shabbir,
    Arnab here. How about partnering for making a niche travel/weekend destinations site like weekeneddestinations.info. More and more time lagged executives are hunting for new weekend rejuvenating short weekend destinations online.Hotels and resorts are getting leads and websites are earning from ads and commissions. Its a win win situation. Talking about partnership, i/my team can supply the content, seo,ppc ads if you are interested in something like this.waitng for your views.

    • Arnab, if you remember we had similar plans for abouteventmanagement.com when we first started in Feb 2012 and as you told me that you can get really good content for this niche and as of today you hardly have 9 (4 in March and 5 in June) vanilla articles. If you still think I would believe you/your team for content, you are wasting your and my time.

  • Welcome back to blogging after a break.. and you surely are back with a bang.
    Thanks for sharing your vision for 2013.

    • The pleasure is all mine Sameer and glad you like it.

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