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As A Fresher Developer Willing to Be Freelancer What Programming Languages Should I learn in 2017?

Emerging trends in the web and app development space should be considered when you want to learn something new as a fresher, developer and willing to be a freelancer.

As a fresher and opting for a job, you have very little choice of making a decision of what technology you will work in or what company you are working with but as a freelancer, you can have a long list of choices to be made and this can make things overwhelming.

Web development is an evergreen technology and freelance developers can always consider being a web developer. Next to the web is mobile apps.


When it comes to web development, there are no alternatives to PHP and so any fresher must only consider PHP as the choice of web language.

PHP is a very broad choice of language. Choose a specialization like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, XenForo or rapid application development framework like CakePHP, Laravel, Yii etc.

PHP as a choice of Web language can be a good starting point. In India as far as I know it is still not part of the curriculum in most of the technology courses and so either you can opt for online learning course from Udemy or can opt to take up local coaching.

If you want to consider it online, here are links to some of the best Udemy course on

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Apart from PHP, JavaScript is another evergreen web technology. There aren’t many sites that can run without JavaScript or jQuery these days and Angular.JS, NODE.JS are on the rise for last 5 years.

As far as I know JavaScript is still not part of the curricullum in most of the techology courses and only basics of HTML and CSS are covered. So either you can opt for online learning course from Udemy or can opt to take up local coaching.

Here are links to some of the best Udemy courses on

Mobile Development

Moving away from web and we have ever growing market for mobile where Android and iOS are the most dominant players.

Source IDC

Worldwide more than 98% of devices are on Android and iOS combined. So if you are to consider mobile development, Android should be your first choice followed by iOS.

For Android, the programming language is Java and so as a fresher, if you would like to start, Java can be a good starting point.

Java is included in few curricullums but again it is very basic. If you prefer to be taking the courses on Java, here are some good Java and Android courses from Udemy.

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Final Thoughts

If I was a fresher in 2017, or even one or two years of experience, I would have moved either to PHP or JavaScript or Java for sure. In fact I had purchased iOS 9 course in 2016 from Udemy. It is an awesome course and the iOS course I recommended above is from the same instructor but on iOS 10.

As a freelancer, you can never stop learning. I still keep learning and that is how I remain occupied between projects.

If I was doing a job, I would have switched to the above mentioned technology as soon as I could to make sure I take control of my own career and when I want to consider freelancing, I have the right kind of experience and expertise.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Thanks Sabbir BHA, good thoughts you have put about web and mobile development.
    I had a thought of learning python dyngo and react js as i am full time software tester and want to make my hads dirty on dev. What’s your thoughts?

    • React js like angular and node is quite a good choice but I am not sure about python.

  • Aman

    Such a nice analysis and I think ASP has never had the firepower to take on the web. JSP again never had the simplicity and PHP fits in really well.

    I would like to know what about Ruby on Rails?

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