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Is Aweber Costly?

From many of my friends I get the feedback that Aweber is too costly and today I will try to prove them wrong. So let’s start. Remember I have used lots of sarcasm in this article and even if you read the complete article I do not mean anything personal to you or anybody.

So let’s compare Aweber with the cheapest possible solution available which could be any open source PHP code that you can upload on your hosts or even a self coded mail function which you have done yourself. Now you need to host the script on some server which would cost you $5 per month from cheapest web hosts.

After you have the hosting and code installed. You have to use a secondary domain name because your primary domain is hosted on some other hosting plan and this hosting plan is for just sending the emails. So for argument sake we have Go4Expert.com as main domain and Go4Expert.net for sending emails. This need to be done because your main domain hosting is not enough for sending such large number of emails and it may hamper the day to day operation of your main site.

If you are ok with such double domain move then let’s see what else we have further. Hosts like GoDaddy have a restriction of 2000 emails per 24 hours on VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) but if we assume the same even applies to Shared Hosting we would need a cron job to deliver 80 emails per hour or roughly 1+ email every minute.

Now you have done all the setup which means every minute your program sends 1+ email(s) from your list as scheduled.

Great job!!! Now let us compare the prices.

You are paying $5 per month as hosting but I am damn sure you yourself cannot be looking at the server cron running and managing to deliver all the emails 24 hours a day. If you can do that Aweber is very costly but if not I guess if you need to hire someone. Aweber will do all for $29 which means you will not get anybody for $24 per month to manage servers and emails.

Do you still feel Aweber is costly? If yes read further.

Now you have Good Mailing program on your server but do you have Code for Aweber Light Box which has a historical 24% submission rate for me and even more for many.

Oh oh oh!!! Now you get someone to have done such code cheaply as well, great.

Now there is new problem

You have the script where you get 100 subscribers per day. Remember you need to deliver the confirmation email to them as well and if you delay, chances of getting them confirmed reduces by a large extent. I don’t know by how much because I use Aweber and have not faced such issue but if I register on some site which does not send me the confirmation immediately I normally do not tend to confirm on that site because when they sent me the confirmation I may not be looking for what is behind the confirm email many a times. Well I am damn sure it will never be ok with you if people do not subscribe for the delay in delivery of confirmation email but still lets look few more drawbacks.

With such a good lightbox code you have 10,000 subscribers in 6 months time. Now what you do? This is where you cannot argue much. Any VDS or shared hosting will not offer you delivery of emails of more than 5000 per day. This is from my personal experience.

So now what?

You would need an averagely good server and it does cost $89 per month in ThePlanet which did not work well for me for more than 3 months as my traffic shoot up and now my monthly server cost is more than $200

But Aweber for 10,000 – 25,000 subscribers is just $149 per month.

If you still find Aweber costly I have more for you.

Now say you want to send all your readers a special offer for the New Year. This is something more than the usual emails you send using the system. Aweber does not charge anything for you but for using your own server this would mean it can be sent on days you have no other emails scheduled but if they are on the same day you can opt for either  offer sending or your scheduled email sending. You managed somehow doing both rightly. Phew!!! You need to be a genius by now but if you still see Aweber to be costly Read further.

Your list of 10,000 people some do not unsubscribe but report your email as spam. Now how do you handle it? No way. Each week set of people report your email as spam and you don’t have any idea about them and still send those people more email’s and slowly your server and domain is classified as spam by major Email providers. What you do? Get started all over again with new server and new domain. Simple, isn’t it.

Aweber has the “Report Spam” report and does not send user further emails who report spam.

Now if you still find Aweber costly read further.

Let’s say you have 4000 subscribers whom you email weekly. So that comes to 16,000 emails per month (Assuming 4 weeks in a month) for which Aweber charges you $49 which nails down to 0.3 cents per email or 13 Indian paise per email. One more example, say with 8000 subscribers which means 32,000 emails per month for which Aweber charges $69 which nails down to 0.2 cents per email which is close to 9 paise per email in Indian Rupees.

Do you still find Aweber costly? Read further.

Try Aweber for $1 for first month as CodeItWell Reader and if you are not satisfied with the service and support they will refund even $1 for you.

If you still find Aweber costly I can’t help. I give up. Go with your Hosted Email Marketing Solution because you probably are not very serious about your business and so you should anyway be not opting for Aweber as they are really very costly.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • aweber is very costly..please how does feedburner work

  • Dear Shabbir, i am surprised to see that not once in ur article have u mentioned feedburner which is the ultimate price competitor to Aweber. Even if i have 1000’s of subscribers i have them free. Whereas weber is charging me heavily for that. Why doesnt it have a premium and basic mailing list such that it charge lesser for basic usage. Basic usage can have reports + mails. Advanced usage can have All the above features!!

    • I am sure you have not see my post comparing Feedburner to AWeber and according to me it is not an competitor to AWeber by any means because both work differently and just email as an option does not make it competitor to AWeber.

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