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Integrate AWeber with vBulletin

When it comes to Email Marketing there is nothing as close to what AWeber provides and when it comes to forums same is the case with vBulletin. I have been using both of them for quite sometime now and finally I decided to integrate both. I know AWeber forms are great but if you can have it integrated with your existing vBulletin registration system that is even greater.

So let us get start.

AWeber does not provide any API to integrate registration process of vBulletin but what they provide is custom email parsers. An email parser allows you to integrate your user such that when a user registers at your site you can email Aweber about it and subscriber can be added to your campaign.

If you can an email AWeber about the details of your user who just registered at your vBulletin forum and have a custom parser enabled which can parse the content of the email to extract the needed fields Aweber can add the user to the campaign.

It’s a three step process

Step 1: Edit vBulletin Email Body Text Phrase

Go to Admin CP > Languages & Phrases > Email Body Text Phrase Type.

Edit newuser from

There is a new user, $username at $vboptions[bbtitle]

To view their profile, go here:


Email Address : $email
Birthday : $birthday
Referrer: $referrer
IP Address: $ipaddress



There is a new user, $username at $vboptions[bbtitle]

To view their profile, go here:


Username : $username
EmailAddress : $email
Birthday : $birthday
Referrer: $referrer
IP Address: $ipaddress


Summary of changes

  1. Add the following line
    Username : $username
  2. Edit the following line from
    Email Address : $email


    EmailAddress : $email

Step 2: Setup AWeber Parser

We now need to create a parser in Aweber to parse the data from vBulletin. Setup the following Custom Parser in Aweber.

  1. Trigger rule should be your webmasters from address in your vBulletin and this is tested in Headers.
  2. Rule 1 to get email address from the sent email headers.
    \n[>\s]*EmailAddress :\s+(.+?)\n
  3. Rule 2 to get username of vBulletin as name in Aweber.
    \n[>\s]*Username :\s+(.+?)\n

I prefer to have vBulletin username as name in Aweber but you can have other Custom Fields in your vBulletin and parse those from the emails to add them to Aweber.

Step 3: Change Your Email Settings to Notify AWeber

New user Registration notification should be sent to YourListName @ aweber.com

Admin CP > vBulletin Options > vBulletin Options > User Registration Options > Email Address to Notify About New Members

And add YourListName @ aweber.com.

All done. If you still have issues do share them in comments and I will be more than happy to help you get it working.

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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Matt

    Good, but does anyone knows if it works for the Vbulletin Latest Stable Version: 5.0.0

  • Works fine but the main problem is Server some time not sends email to awaber
    the best way to do so is us this tutorial http://imtips.co/integrate-aweber-with-vbulletin-registration.html

    • Not sure I am able to understand the point of your comment. They both are different method of integrating AWeber and vBulletin.

  • Hi Shabbir,

    I see this article is almost 3 years old. Is this information still relevant?



    • Hi John, yes the information is still relevant and I update the articles with the changes as and when needed.

      • Matt

        yes but what about VB5, this post was made for VB4!

        • This method will work in vBulletin if they can email about the new members. Not sure but they had this issue but looks like it is fixed now ( http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/VBV-1483 ) and so it should work.

          • in fact it is not yet available, they said it works for the 5.0.2, the last one availabale is 5.01.

  • I’m using that webmaster email as the email that goes to Aweber.
    But nevertheless, I figure it out.
    Don’t know why but the spaces were causing me problems.
    I eliminated them in the email phrase from vbulletin and everything worked.

    As a side note, Aweber is very slow with the parser. In some cases when I was testing this, it took up to 20 minutes before aweber fired off the confirmation email. I don’t know if they had issues yesterday company wide or that is the normal time frame for this, but that might be frustrating for people trying to test that this works and who expect it to work right away.

    • Great to see that the issue is sorted with the elimination of spaces.

      On AWeber slowness, Yes I agree that AWeber is slow but not as slow as 20 mins and it could be that your server may be delaying sending of those emails or may be using some batch to send emails after a given time frame. AWeber delays by a minute or two when parsing emails and adding them.

      • I tried spacing out the test entries over the course of the day and they seemed to come in regular intervals, so i’m not sure about batching.

        But thanks for the settings.

        • Batching, would be in gap of 5 or 10 mins in server and so spacing out over the day may not help.

  • Do you have an update on this ?

    The settings listed here don’t seem to work. i’ve double checked the code and they just dont trigger.

    Aweber is sending confirmation email to the address from the webmaster emal in vbulletin settings.

    Any ideas?

    • Yes I checked and they seem to be working still.

      How would AWeber know the vBulletin’s webmasters settings?

  • Don’t really know why Aweber has an API because it’s hideously bad.

  • Aweber API just released. I’m sure in time forum integration will be possible.


    • Not as of now because it is in read only mode i.e you can read the data but not write.

  • Dolors

    Hi, there!

    Any chance somebody could enlighten me on how to do this with SimplePress? I am very good at following step by step instructions, but I am no programming geek… Somebody above mentioned they have done it successfully with SimplePress. Would be great to know how 🙂

  • Marcelo


    But I wanted to have one option so they could click when registering.

    Do you have any idea on how to do this?

  • Thanks very much for this post! I don't use Vbulletin, I use SimplePress for WordPress. But, I was able to use the steps you outlined above to form a ruleset to do exactly what I needed to get new forum members onto my Aweber list.

    I've been wanting to do this for months now and didn't really know about custom parsers. When I inquired with Aweber, they said it would cost me $149 to create custom rules for me…which I don't need to spend now.

    Again thanks, I'm going to bookmark you on delicious and probably will join your list too.

  • Tommy

    Thanks for the modification. Really appreciate the time u put into this.

    • The pleasure is all mine

      • Tommy

        Yeah im unable to get this to work with that rule. I keep trying by doing the test parser and it says no rulesets were matched.

        • It may be the case of missing space or something in your Textbox and if you want I can get it done for you. Contact me from the contact page where I have my email address listed and I will be more than happy to give it a look

  • John

    Hi, will this work with phpBB? If not can you please explain how it can be done.

    Thank you

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