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How to Handle User Unsubscribe to Your Advantage?

After loosing 30,000 newsletter readers, Go4Expert’s New Newsletter Readership crossed 12k with AWeber but this time I have much more control over the stats, user un-subscription and other inputs from user. AWeber provides an option to get comment from readers when they unsubscribe. As expected majority of them would give you general reason like

  • Nothing
  • Misconception
  • Thanks
  • Sorry
  • Unsubscribe
  • I don’t want this
  • Not what I needed
  • I don’t need it.
  • I don’t have time.
  • I want to unsubcribe
  • You suck
  • I don’t like
  • No comments
  • I don’t check this mail frequently.
  • Subscribed by mistake
  • Bored
  • Not interested
  • I am busy
  • Clearing inbox
  • Dont send.

But in the midst of such general reasons there are some hidden gems.

  • Actually didn’t find your letter with much knowledge
  • I never subscribed for this, someone else is using my email
  • Because I don’t want anymore
  • I couldn’t find my way around ..
  • I could not receive proper information about c#

Are you using your readers un-subscription to your advantage? If no then it is not too late to act now. Start getting feedback from them as to how you could have kept them away from going off.

Again it is not only at Go4Expert.com where I did this test but did the same thing on CodeItWell.com course which produced wide range of results.

  • I don’t check this mail frequently / I want to use another account
  • Its good!!!!!!!!! but i donot want it may be need in future
  • It does not help me in any thing
  • Information given is not quite interesting.
  • It was nice
  • It is useful
  • Got what i wanted
  • Thanks for a course
  • I decided to quit temporarily
  • Everyday I have no time to read this. When I am free, subscribe again.
  • It is just a wastage of time
  • Is just like irritating me
  • plz don’t send me e-mail again
  • Not for me
  • I have enjoyed much and benifitted. thanx to this team.
  • because this was not helpful for me…
  • Unsubscribed because i think this servise is not true. its not a way to earn money
  • hey now i dont it thats it kk
  • actualy ur site may not provide clear information n i think there may b some risk in making online money to thats y i unsubscribe
  • Not satisfied with the content
  • I will subscribe with another address, coz this 1 was getting full. I really apreciate the information i was receiving, thank you so much.

See the gems in the comments. They give me a reason to improve my course and weekly updates.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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