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Google Instant and Its Impact on SEO and PPC

Though it is too early to predict exactly how Google Instant will change the face of SEO and PPC but my first thought on it is what I am sharing with you today.

Google Instant’s effect on PPC

1. Higher cost per click: As you type your keywords you tend to get results combined with Adwords Ads and this means ads get more and more impressions without any clicks resulting in lesser CTR for your ads. Though Google will considers an impression only if the visitor is on the results page for 3 seconds or more but I think this will to an extent skew the impressions data. I am sure the 3 second choice by Google is based on historical data Google of how much time it takes for user to click on any result but I still think 3 seconds is less time to analyze the results when Google instant is on. Coming back to the original point of higher cost per click I think as we will see CTR going down, quality score will also drop, resulting in higher cost per click cost.

2. End of Long Tail Keywords Game: PPC expert can always find keywords which have lesser competition but are much better targeted towards the niche but with Google instant user not only has the keywords suggestions but also has the preview of results. This means user is more unlikely to type something that is not suggested by Google instant resulting in lesser searched keywords to become lesser and lesser and I think it will get to a point where long tail keyword game ends.

Again this will mean more spend for advertiser. You can get lower per click easily for long tail keywords which has no competition but now advertisers will not only need to spend more on short and competitive keywords to get the same kind of traffic and conversion but also will see less conversion due to broad matching

Google Instant’s effect on SEO

1. Toppers take it all: Apparently it looks like there is no effect of Google Instant on SEO but according to me there is a huge impact on SEO with Google instant, much bigger than PPC. It is one of those factors of Google where there is no change in ranking factor algorithm yet SEO experts can have nightmares.

If you are using Google instant you are likely to be using your keyboard and so you expect the results to be in your screen view and will not prefer to scroll. This means top three positions will become more important than ever and will drive away all the traffic giving nightmares to SEO experts who are not able to make it to the top 3 results.

One more bug (I presume it to be a functionality though) in Google instant proves my above point. Try setting 100 results in one page through Google preference. It does not work as expected and you can only see 10 results in one page all the time. This confirms that there will be very few people who would prefer to move very far down the page when Google instant is on and so Google is not keen on taking that functionality forward.

2. Sitelinks becomes major part of SEO: Sitelinks ( Sitelinks are links to site’s interior pages and Google generates these links automatically, and you can only remove sitelinks you don’t want from your Google Webmaster Tools interface ) which has always been a  neglected part by many SEO experts will become a major part of SEO. You can see for yourself in the screenshot above that a user is very much unlikely to click on even second result.

To sum it up I think Google instant means more Adwords spend for advertisers and tougher for SEO experts. Do share your thoughts in comments below.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Thank you for sharing to us.there are many person searching about that now they will find enough resources by your post.I would like to join your blog anyway so please continue sharing with us

  • 488813

    Thanks for your response. But the courses you have mentioned are not available in India, right? I prefer classroom training rather than online.

    Could you suggest some good places for WEB DEVELOPMENT courses or any short term training. SEO part, I think I can still learn myself from net.

    Please suggest the most cost effective and useful web development course.
    ( I need to start from the beginning though I know little bit about HTML and all)

    I prefer GOVT institutes because of its recognition and credibility.

    • The courses I mentioned are for anybody to subscribe irrespective of location because they are more of a practical based course and not oriented towards getting the certificate.

      I have no experience with the type of courses you are looking for but you can try NIIT or Arena and see if those are of any help to you.

  • 48813


    I am 41 year old and I am now venturing in to online business. SEO is my area of interest.

    Is there any reliable training institutes ( Only government institutes, colleges or universities) that offer course on Web development and SEO in Bangalore? If you do not know about in bangalore, please suggest any colleges in South India.

    I learn many things from the net but I need to equip myself more competitive and professional so I want to do course on these specific areas.

    Any inputs?

    • I am yet to see a good institute who teaches SEO. Yes you will see lot of institute offering SEO courses but those are no way created by SEO people and only teach basics of SEO which is far from real and practical SEO and is very outdated.

      Instead of focusing on finding government courses I will suggest you look for courses by experienced SEO people like Aaron Wall ( SEO Book ) or even better if you focus on Internet Marketing Course like the one Chris Farrell or JobCrusher (See my review).

  • HI

    I do not think so that it has any negative effect on SEO because if some one come to search for a specific query it will do it, yes there are some chances to follow the suggestions.

  • Reeme

    I quite agree with Nick,especially the instant suggest keywords.And in my opinion, the top 10 positions will be more and more important,for an easy keyboard “up” and “down” will get another 10 search results,if your website is listed out of 10,you will get some traffic lose which might belong to you.
    I have a post about google instant,however it's in Chinese, http://www.ming-seo.org/?p=158 ,and thanks for your sharing.

  • As the keyword is also very important with the Google Instant. SEO is very important own his place. thanks for sharing..

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