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Getting out of Recession for Blogger

I have been blogger for quite sometime now and over this time I have learned that to be a successful blogger you need an amazing amount of dedication and self discipline. When you just begin enthusiasm drives you. Ideas will automatically form in your head and you will have many more ideas than you can actually write. Depending on your expertise in your niche, first 10-100 posts comes easy. Then comes the dull or downtime or recession of any blogger which is normally from 3rd month to 6th month of your blogging experience. That’s the time when you have no idea hitting your mind and you tend to become idle for most of the time thinking and scratching your head what to write about.

So what you should do and what you shouldn’t do?

Most likely, your next move will be a mistake. With nothing to write and nothing to do, you will open an internet browser window and check your blog’s stat. How many new unique visitors, how much more Adsense revenue, how many affiliate sales … You go through the routine of checking all your stats and like always, nothing has changed. The sad fact is that it will not change for a long time.

Slowly you become addicted to your stats and you do not find things moving and you start thinking that blogging is not for you and you simply look for other things and start concentrating on things to improve your stats like promoting your sites in forums, social networks and do not concentrate more on your core component which is always content.

So how to overcome recession?

Avoid Stat Addiction

Understand that there is no point checking your stats regularly. It does not matter if you get 210 or 225 visits in the last 30 days. That is just a number to satisfy (or dis-satisfy) you and nothing more. Assume that you have no new visitors, no Adsense click and no affiliate sales and concentrate on creating the core of good content and articles and do some standard stuff like comment on other blogs, forums and social network promotion and article submissions.

If you are Stat addict already try to avoid checking your stats regularly because it has many more side effects and I have seen people get so much frustrated that they quit.

Don’t get demoralized !!!

Stats Addict wake up in the morning and jump to computer for checking stats and see nothing but zeros. No improvement of traffic to the new article published last night. Then they think though no one new users visited my blog I may have some extra earnings in Adsense. Let’s check that. As expected nothing there as well but Zero. You just now understand that those couple of people who have read your articles may have purchased some of the products you promote and so you check that as well but no difference and another zero there. If you see zeros everywhere it can demoralize you. The more you check your stats the more zeros you will see. You will start to feel like nothing you do makes a difference. Every time you think something should happen, nothing does.

Do not quit

It’s still too early to reap the rewards of the hard work done earlier. You should understand that if things do not move than also if you continue with the process it would eventually work for you. If it does not work than also you will learn a lot out of it. Now the question comes how to find strengths in this era of downtime.

  • Set very small but achievable Goals.
  • Understand your strength and play to your strengths. See what you are good at content, marketing …
  • Follow the best blogger in your niche and see what he is doing and what mistakes you are making. Learn from your mistakes. We all make them.
  • Get some good books about blogging like the one by ProBlogger and start reading it.
  • Have Patience. It’s not a get rich quick game but it’s a long term business you are working on.
  • Stop comparing your blog to your competitors.
  • Most important of all. You should have the dedication to keep you going.
  • Last but by no means least. Nothing is life is easy and simple.

So next time you think to open Google Adsense or Analytics start doing something more productive instead.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Hi Shabbir, Lots of thanks my bro. I was newly register the domain & nothing was crawling & indexing. I was just frustrated, but now I recharge my self by reading this article. Thanks man! You really filled confidence!! thanks.

    • The pleasure is all mine Prashant.

  • This is true. There is a point where you have to stop checking your stats because a “watched pot never boils” as is often said.

    Sometimes it's just good to take a break and do something else for a bit.

  • Now you know you need to get out of it because at times this can be demoralizing as well

  • Really nice article. I think i have to admit that for some extent I am the stat addict. Thanks for tips.

  • Really nice article. I think i have to admit that for some extent I am the stat addict. Thanks for tips.

    • Now you know you need to get out of it because at times this can be demoralizing as well

  • CodeUnlock

    You almost gave a new definition to Recession