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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

What are The Best Paid Freelancing Skills?

All freelancing skills aren’t paid equally. Some pays more than others and so here is a list of highest paid freelancing skills from various sources like Quora, Elance, Upwork and Google Trends.

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1. Writers

Writers are highest paid among freelancers. They are the backbone of the digital world and every website needs content and so if you can write great piece of content, you are bound to get paid better.

Being a writer, you can also be a blogger.

2. Translators

Next to writers are translators when it comes to making top dollars in the freelancing world. Translations need very specific skill set of knowing more than one language and very few people who may have those skills and so they demand better rates.

It can be tough for you to become a translator but have seen many translator even use Google translator to get the job done fairly well.

3. Mobile Developers

Mobile (iOS and Android) development is on the rise and if you can develop apps for mobile, you can grab a lot of clients in a very short span of time.

Some clients prefer iOS more over Android and others have Android as first choice of app but mobile app development is on the rise and so is the amount of money mobile app developers make.

4. Web Developers

Web development is an evergreen skills for freelancing and though mobile development is on the rise, still the mobile app developer needs a web interface to store user and other data on the server.

With the rise of the mobile development, web development work is also on the rise but because of so many web developers, the price web developers are being paid is not increasing at the rate of mobile developers.

5. SEO Consultant

Hiring a SEO freelancer is always a challenge but the top class SEO experts have $1000+ hourly rates for consultation as well.

If you can help the client understand how they can increase their business with SEO or even social media and other marketing channels, they are going to offer you top dollar for your time.

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Over to you

As a freelancer if you are to learn new skills, focus on skills that interest you more than the one that is being paid more. The irony of this article is, I am sharing the better paid skills and asking you to concentrate on those that interest you more.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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