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The 10 Best Freelancing Sites of 2017

When I started freelancing from college in 2002 there were numerous freelancing websites like Scriptlance, RentACoder, iFreelance and many others. Over time small websites were acquired and merged to form bigger players.

In 2016 we still have quite a few market leaders and here is a list of top freelancing websites for freelancing project.


Upwork (previously oDesk and Elance) is possibly one of the largest marketplace for projects. You name any expertise and you will possibly see projects and freelancers related to it. Apart from wide variety of technology it also has shorter term projects, longer term projects, entry level projects as well as well as expert level high paying projects.

I used RentACoder when I was in college and then moved to Elance and now have moved to Upwork from Elance.

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If I remember correctly Freelancer was started as GetAFreelancer and was more commonly known as GAF. They acquired almost all possible freelancing site known to me from those time like ScriptLance, vWorker (Previously RentACoder) to name a few.

It is quite a big marketplace and possibly second best to Upwork because Upwork quotes as having 4+ Million clients on their home page and Freelancer quotes as Millions of small businesses uses them.

My experience with Freelancer has been that jobs are posted by clients of clients and not by direct clients.


Fiverr is a different kind of marketplace where freelancers post what they can offer for $5 (five-rr) and clients can search for those and order them.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to offer everything for $5 and you can always have additional perks for increased pricing. Fiverr fees are lot higher than Upwork / Freelancer.

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Social network for job. There are millions of jobs (Mostly full time but quite a few part time) jobs are being posted on a daily basis.

If you find position fitting right for your expertise, you can always apply for it.


Freelancing site for writers and is possibly one of the biggest market place for writers. You can apply for thousands of writing offers available and is one of the best sites dedicated for writers.

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Site that offers all round freelancers and outsourcing marketplace with wide range of categories like, Web Design, Video, Audio, Web Development, Sales & Marketing, Support, Writing, Translation, Social media, Software Development, Mobile Development.

PPH have also adopted Fiverr concept where Freelancers can list what they could offer for an hour that clients can buy and you can also add perks similar to fiverr.


Probably the largest marketplace for logo, web and Graphic design. It is more like a contest based marketplace where you provide a brief of the design you are looking for and you will receive tons of design entries to choose from.

Quite innovative.

Can get many designs to choose from. Freelancer.com has also adopted similar concept for their web design projects.

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Toptal has come up with completely new process of individually screening each and every freelancer before they open up their projects to freelancer which means it will cut off those low-quality low-priced bids.

I did get an invite to join them but then could not schedule a meeting for screening process as I am too overly occupied for my existing clients recently.


Guru is yet another marketplace for finding job and projects. They have a very simple hiring process and so it makes really easy for the clients to hire freelancers. As it is comparatively small marketplace, you don’t see as many freelancers as compared to upwork / freelancer which makes it less competitive. Apart from that Guru has Work Room feature which makes it really easy to manage all the jobs.

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Designhill is one of the upcoming marketplace for logo, web design & graphic design contests. The best part is, the option to sign up as a designer is not very intuitive. So there is lot less competition among designers which can mean a less competitive market place so people can get paid higher.

As per their website they have over 50,000 happy clients.


All freelancing marketplaces have fees for clients and freelancer but HubStaff has launched it differently. No fee structure. It is completely free for clients and freelancers. Quite innovative way to launch a new marketplace and as per their blog they have already hit the 7,000+ freelancers mark and growing rapidly. I have created my profile.

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Over To You

Which is your personal favorite freelancing site? Share them in comments below.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Shobha S

    Thank you for Very helpful details. I am hearing from lot of people about this new website. They saying it is very good but what do you think about this website?


    • If someone has tried it and says its good, you can give it a try. I don’t have personal experience with them and so will not be able to comment on them.

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