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How Individual Freelancers Can Plan Vacations?

Last week of December I visited my hometown to see Mom and Dad and took a mini trip to Madhavpur beach.

As a freelancer, vacations may seem difficult but they aren’t. So I will answer few questions that can be in the mind of a freelancer before taking a vacation and how freelancers should plan a vacation.

Can I afford a vacation?

If you don’t have multiple income streams and only rely on clients as the only source of income, your income will be nil when you are on vacation. On top of it, you are spending a lot more.

So how one can afford vacations?

Indian freelancers can afford a vacation but it is more of a mental barrier than a financial barrier. Yes, you may want to be saving for in a separate bank account each month automatically for your dream vacation but you can always afford a vacation locally before you can go for your dream vacation.

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Should I be working on vacations?

Ideally, you should avoid working on vacations but if I take a small vacation for a week then I plan not to work and only use my iPhone for emails and respond only to critical emails.

If I am on a long vacation, I do carry my MAC so that I can respond to emails in detail.

Remember when you are on a vacation, you may be tempted to work on something that can wait and if you are checking emails, make sure you prioritize vacation over work and only respond to critical emails.

Will I have clients when I am back?

Yes, you will have clients once you are back. The question arises because you may think on a vacation makes you out of touch with clients but that’s not true.

Your long term clients will respect your availability and as you communicated about your availability early, it means an instant start of work once you are back.

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How To Plan A Vacation?

The most important aspect of being able to take vacations as a freelancer is to plan well in advance and let all your clients know your availability. If you are a blogger and if you cannot schedule posts, let your readers also know about your availability.

You will still have some clients who will miss the schedule and forget your availability but that’s ok. You can use your phone to respond to these clients and remind them about your availability again.

Once you inform your clients about your availability, make sure you don’t schedule deliverables before you leave for the vacation but instead make work lighter before the vacation. It can help you avoid critical issues when you aren’t available as well as helps utilize the time before leaving to schedule posts on your blog or updates on social media.

Keep a buffer day to get back to work. My clients know I will be back the day after I am actually back. Once I am back, the buffer day is light work with email, blog comments, social media and other catch-up tasks.

Vacations are more than finance and clients and it allows you to spend time with your family and helps get re-energize you to work.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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