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11 Things Every Freelancer Needs To Embrace Before Willing to Freelance

Over the Internet, you will always read and hear good things about being a freelancer. You read such good things about freelancers is because they have managed the success and prefer to share it with the world.

I share about my freelancing journey because it works for me.

When I prefer to write about freelancing, blogging or any other topic, I leave out thousands of other things. I don’t share about going to the gym or how to ride a bike or how one should play cricket and so on and so forth.

Freelancing may not be for everybody. Still may be worth a try if you can embrace these changes in your life as a freelancer.

1. Freelancing isn’t easy

If you have a very rosy picture of freelancing and thinks it is is a walk in the park, you have to get your facts correct. It is not at all easy and it is very tough to be a freelancer.

There can be days when you have no work from clients and then there will be days when you have a delivery date of multiple clients. You have to manage both the scenario with calmness.

How I Remain Occupied Between Projects As A Freelancer.

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2. Work Life Balance

You can work from your home and in pajamas but that doesn’t mean you should start working as early as you wake up and work as late as you are awake. You need a personal life and need a good work and life balance.

Everybody can’t maintain a fixed working schedule from home. I am horrible at it and still start as soon as I can and work as much as I could. I am still trying to manage my personal life and it is still in a horrible state for sure.

3. Learning Isn’t Paid

When you are doing a job, if a company decides to make a move from one technology to other and there will be formal training for making the move as smooth as possible for the employees.

In the freelancing world, you aren’t paid for making a move and learning new technology. You are paid only if you know what you are doing and if you aren’t good enough at it, others who are will be preferred.

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4. Needs Marketing Skills

Freelancers need to know the basic of marketing, how to interact with clients, how to read between the lines of client requirements, how to manage multiple clients and keep them happy, how to get referral clients from existing clients etc.

A simple example of techy people is – What client may be interested is a simple yes or no kind of answer if something is feasible or not and may not be interested in knowing the technical knowhow why it may not be feasible.

If you are not good at it, it can be a tough road as a freelancer.

5. Should be a Business Person

Freelancing is not a job, it’s a business. Some people aren’t business minded and if you aren’t one of them, you can have a tough time being a freelancer.

A visionary to foresee and things that can change the world in the future and should be ready to make a move before it becomes an acceptable solution to the vast majority. There will be lot more things that may not work but there will be vital few that you can’t be missed.

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6. Works Without Any Security

If you cannot take the risk, you aren’t freelancing material. You can be out of business any day and you should be ready for such unforeseen activities.

Disruption can hit any business or freeelancer. We all know about Nokia and Blackberry but let us take an example of a small businesses.

vBSEO was the choice of software of every vBulletin webmaster and as of today, they are out of business.

The reason for vBSEO’s downfall was disruptive changes in vBulletin. The example may not sound relevant but if you are a freelancer, can you survive if Upwork is out of business tomorrow?

May sound fictional but with the current global scenario, Upwork can be banned in the US just to make sure US people gets these jobs?

7. Should be able to Prioritize

As a freelancer, you need to work for multiple clients which mean you need to prioritize work based on what you can achieve working for a single day. How much time and effort you should allocate to each client so each project keeps moving forward and client don’t feel like nothing is being worked upon.

Even when you are working as a team, you need to make sure your team progress is monitored such that each project assigned to them are moving forward on a daily basis.

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8. Should be ok without Socializing

When you are working from home, you are working alone most of the time and if you need someone to be able to help you with your problems or need someone to discuss, you can have a tough time as a freelancer.

You will be working amidst your family and with your kids jumping around, you need to interact with clients.

If you are a social person, it can be tough to be an individual freelancer.

9. On CV as Work Experience

When you are hoping from one job to other, companies prefer experienced people but some companies will not consider the time you did freelancing as your valid work experience even though you may proof of work done.

So if you prefer returning back to a job, consider your freelancing experience as not countable in an interview for your next paycheck.

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10. Self Motivation

If money is the only reason for you to be a freelancer, you may lack the needed motivation soon.

You can be driven till you may own a flat or a house, maybe till you make some good investments but not beyond a point.

If you are driven by a passion to be a freelancer, you have a higher chance of being a freelancer.

11. Humongous Patience

Freelancer needs to be patience in every aspect of freelancing.

Have the patience to let the client decide on the best possible resource for getting their work done. You have to make sure you are patience enough to wait out for them to make the decision.

The client may not be technically sound to be able to understand all that you may say and his questions may sound too basic for you. This is when you have to wear the hat of clients be able to explain to them in their terms without losing your calmness and with patience.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Hmmm. Really true. Had to face some of the above problems. Very well explained. Good advice. Sure to follow. Thanks.

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