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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

How I Use A Simple Email Trick To Increase My Freelancing Revenue

Clients may not require your services regularly but if you can communicate with your clients often, they can remember you and your services. If you don’t, you may be leaving too much money on the table for others to grab.

There is no better tool for communication than email and my favorite tool for email marketing is MailChimp (Aff Link | Direct Link).

What is MailChimp?

Mailchimp is an email marketing SaaS platform to store and create email leads (each email is considered a lead) and send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns. It is world’s leading email marketing platform, and as per their about page, they send almost a billion emails every day.

Mailchimp is free to use for up to 2000 leads where each email has powered by MailChimp but you can opt for pay as you go plan where you are charged only for sending emails and not otherwise.

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Why MailChimp?

There are many email marketing solutions available but most of them charge a monthly fee based on the number of leads stored. Only MailChimp offers a free solution up to 2000 subscribers and also offers to pay as you go solution.

If you are starting out, you can even email clients manually and as you grow, you can move over to MailChimp.

How often should you email?

Not very often. Even once or twice a year with Happy New Year or birthday wishes is enough.

It can remind clients about you and what work has been done by you. Note we are not mentioning any other details in the email about what was done and the email itself is enough to refresh the memory.

This trick works very well for me where I email a happy new year and birthday wishes or any major update. Don’t ask clients birthdate but instead, add them to Facebook or Skype and so you can be notified about their birthday. Instead of writing on FB wall among hundreds of others send a personal email with wishes.

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5 Things you can email

  1. Greetings – Everyone celebrates new year and you can always email all your clients once before the new year a Happy New Year Greeting or even Happy Holidays greetings.
  2. Major updates – You are the person who will be aware of any major bug fix, major product update or major update of a plugin. You can email your clients about the update and let them know why they should update and how you can get it done without being cheesy.
  3. Security Alerts – Security should be a prime concern for every webmaster and anything that can compromise the security of a website can be notified to clients. Not the aim is not only to alert them but offer them solution and what steps they may even need to safeguard their site.
  4. Alternative Solutions – You preferred one solution and now you moved to another but your clients may not know about it. It always makes sense to let them know about the new and improved solution that you recommend. I emailed my past vBulletin clients about the move vBbulletin to xenForo, why they should also consider the same and how I can get it done for them. That single email has landed me projects more than $10,000 till date and some of my clients are still in talk with me about getting their site converted to xenForo. Past incidence when I moved from thesis to genesis and I did notify my clients who were using thesis framework.
  5. Improvements – As I work on improving my websites, I learn new things and integrate a lot of new things. So when I find something that can be useful to clients, I let them know about it. When I integrated Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront and MaxCDN in vBulletin, I did notify some large clients and helped them implement it.

The Trick 2.0

If you have hundreds of clients and email everyone about a major update, you may have too many clients who may want to get the update done and it can become tough to handle. So segregate clients into groups and email few clients every week and only when you have less workload.

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Final Thoughts

Email is your best point of contact and if you email them once in a while, it can replenish your relationship with clients which can lead to a lot of repeat business from existing clients.

Are you using the power of email and email marketing to build your freelancing business?

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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