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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

Free vBulletin Installation Service – Save $149 Now

After awesome response to Free WordPress Installation Service many readers requested similar offer for forums and so here I am Offering everybody Free vBulletin Installation Service. Yes you heard it right completely free vBulletin Setup service.

Let me answer questions that are in your mind now.

How to get your Free vBulletin installation service?

I am sure this is the first question that is in your mind right at this stage and so let me tell you exactly what needs to be done to get your free vBulletin installation service.

All you have to do is order a new web hosting account from BlueHost using the following link http://imtips.co/go/bluehost. If you still don’t have a vBulletin license you can order now.

Once you have your hosting account setup completed, you can download the vBulletin from your members area and email me the zip file to shabbir [at] shabbir.in or shabbir [at] imtips.co along with your vBulletin customer number and your hosting control panel details so I can install vBulletin for you on your domain. Once the forum is live, I’ll send you the forum admin information that you can change.

Update: BlueHost is offering a free domain for rest of your life if you place your hosting order using my affiliate link now.

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Is there any Catch?

There is no catch. BlueHost sponsors your vBulletin forum installation service. They are paying me to get vBulletin installed for you. You may be wondering about quality of BlueHost but it is one of the most preferred Shared Hosts and I use them as well as recommend them (See here) for smaller sites.

What’s included in free Installation Service?

Professional install and upgrade service by vBulletin team only includes the vanilla installation but my free vBulletin Install service offers a lot more.

  • Install any pre-selected theme of your choice
  • Create categories, forums and sub forums.
  • Install Google Analytics or any other stats tracking for your forum.
  • Replace default vBulletin logo with your own company logo.
  • Enable spam prevention measures in your vBulletin.
  • Optimize vBulletin settings for better user experience.

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Is your free Installation Service better than vBulletin team?

If you were to pay vBulletin team to install vBulletin forum or CMS, it would cost you at least $149.


And on top of that it only includes vanilla install with no customization but I also offer few customizations to make your vBulletin forum easier for admins and better end user experience.

 My Elance Lifetime Profile Snapshot
My Elance Lifetime Profile Snapshot

Hundreds of clients cannot be wrong and so I will say my free service is far better than what vBulletin provides for $149. vBulletin team only offers an out of the box vBulletin forum which hardly needs few clicks to complete the setup but my service not only installs vBulletin out of the box but make your forum better by adding few more basic, yet important changes.

What if I want other plugins like vBSEO/vBOptimize?

I am always available for hire at Elance

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What version of vBulletin you offer as free installation?

I can install your preferred version of vBulleitn i.e. vBulletin 3, 4 or even vBulletin 5 but I will recommend vB3 over vB4 (See why here). Yes vB5 looks promising but it is still a beta and so if you are fine making frequent updates, I will suggest going with vB5 else vB3.8.x

What if I already have a hosting and a vBulletin license?

If you are not planning to buy a shared hosting plan or have a vBulletin license or both, you can hire me here to get the vBulletin installation done for you.

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Final Thoughts

If you have any further questions, share them in comments below and I will be more than happy to answer them. If you don’t have any more questions, go ahead and get started with your forum with BlueHost and vBulletin.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Karthick

    Hi shabbir,

    I have to just pay for Blue Host and dont want to pay for Vbulletin right. You itself will install the Vbulletin and give it to us right….

    • No. If you purchase hosting for your site then you don’t need to pay vBulletin people for software installation. You just purchase the hosting and vBulletin and then I will do the install for you.

  • Anaand

    Dear Shabbir,

    actually I did not understand what this means. does it mean that I can also start a forum like the one you have started.

    I am working in Tata Motors, as we have a huge network of dealers, authorised service centres, I am thinking to start some consultancy service for them.Can this forum be useful. Pl guide me in the matter as to how to proceed.


    anaand kulkarni

    • Hi Anaand, It means you don’t need to Pay vBulletin team $149 now just to setup the forum and I can get that done for you for free. Regarding the topic of the forum, it depends on how much valuable information you can add in the forum.

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