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How to Create Free Survey Using Formidable or Google Form

Feedback and user response for a blog is common among bloggers but those feedbacks don’t need to cost you a fortune either. If you prefer to keep the survey in one single page, you can use free plugins available for WordPress.

Using Formidable Form

You can create as many fields as you want but the type of fields that you can create in the free version are limited to text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes and drop downs. Still, they are enough to create a survey or a feedback form.

If you wish to add a page break or want to provide a multi-page survey layout, you have to opt for a pro version.

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Using Google Forms

If you prefer to use a form that you are fine not being on your site, you can use Google forms.

Creating basic fields is like a cake walk in Google forms and the feedback form can be up and running in minutes. I prefer Google forms over formidable free version.

Here is the form that I use for my Investment Blog.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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