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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

How to Use Facebook Groups to Find Freelance Clients?

How you can find potential clients on Facebook using Facebook groups with a very simple technique of providing value.

When you are looking for clients on Upwork or Freelancer, you possibly look at the requirements and if you can deliver what is expected.

When it comes to finding clients on Facebook, you have to look for groups where you may find a potential client and join them. The trick is not to join hundreds of Facebook groups with few members but join only 2 to 3 best groups in the niche of your expertise.

Once you are a member, do not self-promote your product or services in the first chance. In fact, you should never promote your product or services in groups. If a group is full of self-promotions by other members, you have joined the wrong group and look for groups which have members asking for help than self-promotion of products and services by other members.

Start building the relationship with members. Provide plenty of free advice and suggestions. Don’t see each and every post in the group or each and every member who has posted as a potential client but look at them as an opportunity to build a relationship and show your eagerness to help with your expertise.

Let your actions speak of your expertise and not your self-promoting words.

Make yourself an expert in the group who is ready to help others. Don’t just answer someone’s question in the group. Go beyond Facebook to help them with a personal message or connect with them on Skype, Whatsapp or any other mode of one on one communications to help them.

Soon people will be more than happy to hire you or will be more than happy to pay you for what you offer.

As you find few clients, start your own Facebook group. Group admins are often hired by clients as they are known to be the experts.

Once you have your own buzzing Facebook group, you can even advertise it with an ad campaign. Freelancers don’t use Facebook ads to promote their services and this can be a potential gold mine for you to get many clients and customers.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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