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10 Email Newsletter Design Tips

If you have decided to use the power of opt-in email based marketing campaigns to grow your business and increase your profits, you will definitely want to consider send out email newsletters. To be effective, there are some things that every newsletter publisher should know. The following 10 email newsletter design tips are important and should be considered when you are setting up your marketing campaign.

  1. Consistency and Timing are Key: If you are going to communicate with your potential or current clients via email newsletters, it is very important that you do it on a schedule or as close to a schedule as possible. For example, consider sending your newsletter on Thursday afternoon because people don’t want to be bombarded on Monday or Friday and on Thursday afternoon they start looking for distractions from work for a few minutes.
  2. Proofread: Always proofread your marketing materials, especially email newsletters. If you are not a native speaker, get someone else to write the content if necessary. If you send out an email newsletter with bad spelling, grammar or language usage, you will find yourself losing potential clients quickly.
  3. Use Fresh Content: If you can’t take the time to write content for your newsletter, it would be better not to send it. If you send people the same content they see in other places, they will lose faith in your expertise about your subject matter. There are many places where you can find writers to produce new content for you and it’s less expensive than you might expect.
  4. Use Personalization When Possible: If you can address the newsletter specifically to the recipient, it will help you to build a relationship with them. Not every piece of content should be written in the first person perspective, but at least a hi should be included.
  5. Have a Test Audience: Let someone, anyone, read the newsletter before it is sent. This will help you to make sure the information is well presented and that it will be well-received by your audience. Try to find readers who can relate with your target audience.
  6. Use First Person When You Can: Using a first person perspective enables you to talk directly to the audience. Give snippets of your experience and tell the reader why you are a recognised expert in your field.
  7. Don’t Overload with Ads: If you send a newsletter, it is important that any ads you include are not obtrusive. Keep ads to a minimum. Many affiliate marketers lost their lead lists due to spam blockers when they loaded their newsletters and emails with links and ads. Learn from their example and keep advertising for outsiders and yourself to a minimum.
  8. Offer a Text Only Version: Many people still do not use html based email. If you are going to send out a newsletter via email, send it in plain text unless there is an option to subscribe to an html version. If you want to give everyone access to html formatted content, give them a link to your website instead.
  9. Ask Your Readers for Comments and Content: Any time you are able to include content written by your readers, you are actually appealing to your other readers to stay in contact with you. A testimonial is word of mouth advertising that is not in the form of an ad. This is a great tool. Get actual testimonials, however. Fake testimonials are very obvious.
  10. Incorporate Social Networking: Whenever possible, give links to your twitter and Facebook pages. If you don’t have these, get them! You must begin to publish your email newsletters on Facebook if you want to keep the attention of your audience. Today, there is a move away from email and toward social media websites like these. It is where people are meeting to discuss products, services and hot topics. You can’t afford not to include this information in your newsletters.

Using these ten hot tips for email newsletters, you will be on your way to more successful and productive marketing campaigns. You can get more leads when a high quality newsletter is passed from one reader to a few new readers each time it is sent out. Always send high quality newsletters and you will see an immediate return on your time and investment.

Contributed by James Adams, one of a team of writers working at CartridgeSave.co.uk as a product reviewer and blogger. Recently he has been writing reviews of new consumables for Epson printers and other brands.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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