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Email Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing

I sent out greetings for Eid-ul-Fitr (31st August 2011) to my blog readers, family members, friends and online friends using multiple methods. For family members I used phone and sms. For friends it was through the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. For blog readers it was through email.

The response to the greetings reveals an astonishing fact. Email Marketing Crushes Social Media Marketing by a huge margin. Facebook saw quite a few responses and it was highest among social media platforms but I expected lot more responses on social media platform especially Facebook because it is where everybody interacts and share greetings these days.

The greetings Email I sent out to my email list, received thousands of replies and best wishes.

My email list is of course few times larger than my social media following but mathematically email list generated 250% more responses than social media.

So Stop Promoting Social Media Profiles, and focus on growing your Email List. This is one of the main reason I have my email signup form in much more prominent position on my both blogs than the social media profiles. You can still link to your social media profiles from somewhere but at it is always the email signup form that should have the most prominent position.

You can start growing your email list now. Email marketing is very powerful if you do it the RIGHT way.  You should also focus on social media marketing but not at the cost of email marketing? I’d like to hear your thoughts on the same.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Incrwd

    Is it possible that, given the nature of your message (Holiday greeting), people were more likely to respond via email because it is a more personal means of communicating? I would bet that the spread would be less significant if your message were a more standard marketing message.

    • It could be but also the same message was shared on Facebook as well.

      Yes your subject line can make a lot of difference when it comes to open rate for emails.

  • Was unable to find any contact us form so thought of posting a comment. I’ve seen that Shabbir you are very active in the commenting thing.
    I am a social media marketing expert and having an offer for you. Do email me if you’re interested.

    • Thanks for letting me know that I have missed the contact links and now it is added. I had the contact links on the about me page only.

      Also yes do let me know what you have in offer for me.

  • Social media marketing is important to get maximum email list..
    so both should be equally managed..
    well Thanks for sharing here

  • This post hits on a VERY valid point. Thank you very much for giving me some insight on what it means to understand email marketing over social media marketing. I have been working on a site that focuses strictly on all things marketing. But it also adds in modifiers such as social marketing and brand management. It is definitely worth looking at. Let me know what you think. Again…thank you.

    • Visited your site and you have covered everything but Email Marketing.

  • I agree that email marketing is easier to measure than social media marketing. Email marketing is good netiquette as long as it is not spam. Social media marketing is general while email marketing is specific. Social media has good effects beyond the product and helps build a brand.

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