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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

Effectively Build Links to New Website

When you are new webmaster you have very few options at hand when it comes to link building.

  1. Get reciprocal Links which would not be very encouraging as people would not love to link to you in return from site which is not having a good page rank.
  2. Participate in forums and blogs which have links visible to guest and Google would start caching those pages and start finding the links. Remember this would not get you anywhere on page rank and back-links but would just get the ball rolling. Don’t consider yourself as SEO expert doing this.
  3. The next best thing you could do is buy links. This is what Google does not like but if done wisely can benefit you.

There are mixed opinion about people when it comes to buying and selling links. First read Google’s view on paid links and also on link schemes. There is something very interesting in that.

Excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanging (“Link to me and I’ll link to you.”)

They did not mention it as “Reciprocal links” but did mention “Excessive reciprocal links” and so it can be inferred that few link exchange is acceptable but you cannot continue that forever. It’s a good place to start but when you try to start you would have hard time getting a reciprocal link because you may not have good Pagerank on your links page which means it would not interest many fellow webmasters. So what’s the solution? Purchase them. At least I prefer to do that for new sites but I prefer to keep them to low in numbers and also try to avoid from sites that look as bad neighbour to me.

I would suggest you methods to buy links in a safe way. I would not call this as completely black-hat but yes definitely there are gray shades to it.

Say if you purchase a blogpost on my blog. How would Google know if your link is paid or free? There is no way to know unless you have a blog which is meant only to sell such blogposts and no content on it. So this is the first clue you should be using to judge blogs. How often they write and how good is the quality of the content. You can even purchase link or review on tech-crunch.com provided you pay the right price. I prefer to use the following link networks.


Linkworth offers variety of products but I prefer to have paid blog reviews where you can ask other fellow bloggers to review about your website and as they have large number of publishers you can always have ample options to choose the perfect blog for you. The links pass on Google Juice, and they don’t have any kind of indication that they are ads.


TextLinks.com offers very unique and cheap way of getting back links. They offer a link at $1 but you have to make a purchase of 99 links upfront and you get the credits for your purchase to buy links which can be bought anytime in the future. The best part is Link Credits do NOT expire and so I do not prefer to get all of them in one go but build the links slowly over time escaping Google detection.


Text-Link-Ads also have variety of products but I prefer to buy links from them which are mainly site wide in sidebars of blog. I do not use Text-Link-Ads to buy in-content links from them but rather prefer to have my website reviewed using LinkWorth.

Many webmasters also argue that if you use the networks like Linkworth, TextLinks.com, Text-Link-Ads Google can easily find sites which sell such links and start banning them but I still think this would not be the case because if Google start even reacting then the problem would be with the person linking to other sites and not to buyers. Yes buyers would stop getting the benefits of the links. The penalty could be to people selling links and less to people buying it.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Helpful information. I need to build links more!

  • I understand after blogging since a year that for a new blogger or a new company which wants to increase visibility on the web to follow these steps;-

    A. Register yourself on a free site like blogger wordpress.
    B. Right content, keep commenting, build repo on web as genuine netizen.
    C. Purchase a domain after a year and keep upto date.
    surely no one can beat you.
    Remember there is no shortcut to success.


    • Mohit, nice strategy to building links. You don’t need to wait for a year before purchasing domain and you can do both side by side. See my Link Building Strategies

  • My blog is posted under blogspot and it is a job site. so i think it is very hard to get backlinks to my site.

    • Hi Don, I don’t understand how it can be more difficult to get backlinks to a subdomain than for a main domain?

  • loyo

    good article, it is very useful.

  • codeunlock

    I never knew things like this exists. Should give it a try.

  • codeunlock

    I never knew things like this exists. Should give it a try.

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