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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

All you need to know about Effective Email Marketing

eff-email-marketing “The Money is in The List”……this phrase has become something of an internet marketing cliché, but it is nonetheless very true! There are many ways of marketing effectively online, but Effective Email Marketing can be one of your most powerful weapons in a very competitive market place.

If you have a website, and you do not have a sign up form on your sales page, you are wasting a golden opportunity. Registration on websites is now so common as to be completely routine. It can take the form of a simple box which allows a name and email address to be entered, or may appear as a pop up box reminder when the visitor leaves the site. Usually there is something in it for the visitor or lead; most commonly a free report of some kind to download.

This is one part of the task but then how often do we actually send out e-mails? It is very important to understand that by opting in – entering their name and email address,- a visitor to your site is in effect giving you permission to contact them. Therefore, any newsletter or indeed marketing email that you send them from that point on is not spamming! Think for a moment what this means in marketing terms; you are in effect building a list of customers who have declared an interest in your website and product! In marketing terms; pure gold!

Recently there has been a huge surge of interest in Social Media Marketing, and of course this can be a very potent traffic generation tool. However, it is a wise marketeer who does not lose sight of the value of his own address book! At a simple level, you may have hundreds of business contacts and friends; have you asked them to visit your website, and sign your visitors’ book? They are not likely to refuse, given that you will be offering to return the favour!

It is important to take the time to take a serious look at the benefits of Email Marketing. I will be describing the techniques, tactics and sometimes tricks involve in Email marketing in a series of posts over the next few days covering the following topics:

There is one essential tool that makes the whole process of email marketing even possible; the Autoresponder. Once you have a list of any size that you are contacting frequently with updates or offers, it becomes virtually impossible to manage the task without autoresponder software, and you will have to be prepared to meet the very reasonable monthly subscription. Probably the best known programme is Aweber, and this is the autoresponder that I will be using in the demos. You can read more in my review about Aweber. They are market leaders, and moreover they are offering a $1 months’ trial at this time and after one month if you are not satisfied you can get $1 refunded back as well.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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