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30 Days Of Daily Publish Challenge Can Make Writing A Habit

Clients, forums, consultation, trading, investing, partnerships etc and writing always takes a backseat. I really like writing but I never had any self-commitment to write and publish daily.

I always knew to be a writer, I need to be write and publish daily. It is true for every profession. Whatever you are and whatever you do, you do it on a daily basis. Web developers do web development daily, project managers manage project daily or traditional shop owner makes sales daily.

This is when I took the challenge of publishing daily for 30 days where I made a self-commitment to publish for 30 days and today it feels so fulfilling when I am writing my 31st post that is published in a row.

It has been achieved even when I was not in town for few days in December for the new year.

How Did It Happen?

It is not that you wake up one morning and commit to writing for next 30 days and it will just happen. There will be many trials to make it happen.

When I wanted to write daily, I did not plan to publish daily on IMTips. For my Investment Blog I write once on weekends when I do my homework for trade setups and investments and it has been my habit for quite some time. So I only wanted to publish on weekdays.

In April and May 2016, I wrote for 5 weeks from Monday to Thursdays i.e. publish 4 times in a week and it was really tough. Reduced the frequency to publish 3 times a week i.e. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Worked for 3 weeks but if you aren’t writing daily, you don’t develop it as a habit and slowly it was back to square one. A couple of month of random publishing and in October I decided to try and publish daily for a week.

It really worked.

So I decided to either publish for an entire week and if I miss it, will take a break for a week and publish daily from next week.

I have a light schedule for Sunday where I share a video from Youtube. It helps in many ways where post hardly takes any time, is a good starting point to daily publishing and make weekends writing enjoyable and fun.

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What did this do to me as a blogger?

I am not talking about statistics and analytics of the site because those can take care of themselves but more about me.

I now feel like a writer and blogger.

Every blogger should write daily. Not necessarily publish daily but definitely, have a schedule to write daily. Few drafts will not be published and those can always remain as drafts.

Was this My First Try?

No way. I always wanted this to happen and have tried it many times and failed.

Is self-commitment enough? The answer is No. Self commitment is never going to be enough because you can self-commit again in the future.

I committed to a friend (who follows my IMTips blog) that I am going to write daily. It helped me achieve results far easily than I actually thought. When I wasn’t in Surat and he saw my new post gave me a call to confirm if I am in town?

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Self-commit to write daily. Once you are committed, commit openly among friends to write daily. Find someone who follow your blog and can ask you when is your next article scheduled? Then schedule to write daily to develop it as a habit.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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