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Customizing Amazon S3 URLs With CNAME

In this Article the technique used for customizing S3 URL is fine but it is not the ideal method for delivery of your content using Amazon S3. Please refer How to Setup CloudFront as Content Delivery Network For S3

Go4Expert.com is showing signs of more powerful server requirement yet again and I am in process of looking for best server offers from ThePlanet but this time I have also started to move images on Amazon S3 specially article images but I wanted s3.amazonaws.com in the URLs to go but could not find any good article on the same but some information here and there and so thought I will share on how you can also go from

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With Amazon S3.

I assume that you have an Amazon S3 account and are aware of the process of creating buckets and uploading files to Amazon. If you are not sure of how to do it you can use S3Fox which is a very good Mozilla plug-in to manage your Amazon S3.

First create a bucket in Amazon S3 with exactly the same domain name / sub domain name. I wanted the URL to be imgs.g4estatic.com and so my bucket name in Amazon is also imgs.g4estatic.com.

Now go to your domain DNS. In my case g4estatic.com is registered at GoDaddy and so I go to DNS control for the Domain and setup a new CName for my domain i.e. imgs and target that to the bucket of Amazon s3 i.e. imgs.g4estatic.com.s3.amazonaws.com. Setting the target to s3.amazonaws.com also works but results in extra HTTP redirects.

Wait for the DNS to propagate but for new CName the change is instant. Now upload everything under the bucket and if you allow public read for the uploaded content you will be able to view your uploaded files in the browser.

Note: DNS names are case insensitive, but Amazon S3 can only have lower-case letters and so try to have everything in lower case only.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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