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BuySellAds Review – Publisher Viewpoint

BuySellAds (BSA) is an Online Advertising Network that brings publishers and advertisers together, making it easier for advertisers find advertising opportunities on other related sites.

Let me share my views i.e. publisher’s view point on BuySellAds Online Advertising Marketplace.


1. Easy to Use Interface

BuySellAds.com interface is very easy to use for advertisers as well as publisher. For publisher adding a site is pretty simple and BSA automatically appends publicly available information like Alexa rank, Compete rank, Google page rank and more. If you provide twitter / Facebook details BSA adds social networking statistics to your listing. See an example listing of IMTips here.

2. Large Marketplace

BuySellAds Marketplace is very active and many publishers makes thousands of $ per month.

3. Real time Analytics

Analytics for your inventory is almost real time and same also goes for advertiser interface.

4. Fast Loading Ads

The ads load asynchronously (See how to load your ads asynchronously here) and so it does not hinder the page loading time giving better user experience.

5. You decide pricing

I am not sure if this is an advantage or a disadvantage but I have included it as an advantage because it is an advantage for me. You can decide what pricing you want for an advertisement spot. The challenge is to get the right price for your ad space i.e. Not too high or else advertisers won’t pay and not too low or else you may be giving yourself a cheap deal. The pricing strategy that can work well is to start cheaper and increase the price over time.

6. No Minimum Payout

There are very few quality ad networks without a minimum payout. All you have to do is request your payment amount from your account balance and you get paid in few days.

7. 75% Revenue Share

You keep 75% of the total pricing which is much higher than other Ad networks like than Adsense and TribalFusion.

8. Not for Large Established Players

Lastly BuySellAds is not for well established websites that are not using BSA. I say this because if you have other better CPM networks you would never give BuySellAds a try. Even if I want I will not give them a try on Go4Expert because having a paid ad is always better than a non-paid Advertise Here ad of BSA. This can work in favor of new sites as you have lesser publisher competing for the advertiser’s money. Though there are large well established publisher as well who have pool of advertiser’s in BSA to fill there ad inventory.

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1. No Default Ads

If you don’t have any advertiser for your spot you are left with nothing but show Advertise Here. You cannot opt for a Default Ad from some other ad network.

2. No Referral Programs

Even if you refer an advertiser, BSA doesn’t pay you any referral fees. This actually means if you have no advertiser for your website or ad zone, you show the default Advertise Here ad which actually earns you nothing even if you refer an advertiser who purchases advertisement on some other related site or your competitor you loose.

3. Niche Marketplace

Market place is mainly targeted for tech, web design and development and freelancing niche. I tried BSA on MBAGuys and had very little success. You may end up getting nothing if you have no advertiser’s in your niche.

Final Thoughts

I think if you have a fairly new website (Remember unless you have 10,000 Page views per month BSA don’t rank you in search.) related to tech, web design niche it would be a wise decision to give BSA a try. Just make sure you have keywords tagged followed with a great description for listing in the directory and to maximize search hits.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • cbtf club

    Nice Post, Thanks For Sharing

  • Thanks for so great review of buysellads.com , but as u say it is only good for tech sites or sites related to website developement etc. , but i have a wedding site – which ad network shall I use then because Google Adsense is also not approving it. I thought to try buysellads.com but my site is not a tech site or website designing niche…. what to do then…

    • You have to be innovative and Why don’t you try Shaadi.com affiliate option.

  • Write said Admin bro.I am not even finding categories for my niche at BSE.BSA is all about Tech Based Stuff.

  • Dear Admin i have a query.I am having a new blog about Education news , results,Interview tips , Career tips etc.Means a lot of content related to colleges,Universities, Job and Indian Education.Its just 2 months old Blog and i am getting daily 500-600 views per day.70% of my traffic comes from Google.So how can i apply for BSA ?Would they accept my content ?
    Here is My Blog

    • Narendra, yes you can apply with BSA but I am not sure your niche would perform well with BSA

  • BSA requires a base impressions level of at least 100K per month, although we’ve found this figure to be very flexible. BSA is not all that welcoming to websites with little traffic and no reputation. you need to have a solid foundation of steady traffic to stand a chance of being accepted into the BSA system

  • Yes, indeed. Even 25% of your revenue goes to BuySellAds itself. It is still the best way to join in buysellads Network. Big opportunity waiting for both publishers and advertisers. Learn it more.

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