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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

How To Boost Your Freelancing Income With Additional Services

Individual freelancing is a great choice of career and you can decide what technology you want to work on, how you want to be working and from where you want to be working and what type of clients you want to be working with.

With so many advantages, it has one big disadvantage which is you cannot scale it up. It is quite similar to doctor’s profession where he can only serve certain patients in a day. Similarly individual freelancer’s has limited hours in a day, and no matter how hard you try, you can only serve certain clients in a day.


So if you can serve only limited number of clients, you are left with few options to increase your income. One of them is of course to increase your rates but at some point you will have issues increasing your rates further because if you do that, you will not have enough work coming your way.

So how do you keep on increasing your income as an individual freelancer.

The answer is to offer additional services to your existing clients and here are some of the additional services that you can offer as an individual freelancer.

1. Recommend Business Solutions

Recommend tools that can help boost your clients online business and make an additional income for you in the form of either affiliate commission as referring partner to such tools. You can recommend them various tools and solutions like CRMs, newsletters, advertising solutions, Dropbox, Evernote

For stock images and videos sites like iStockPhoto, Pond5

For SEO sites like ahrefs and MOZ

And the list can go on and on.

Build a list of tools that can help your clients build their business and refer them the right solutions. Always recommend tools that you are confident about or else if you just recommend for the sake of commissions, you can lose client’s trust.

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2. Recommend Design

Every website needs a new look and you can refer your existing clients to new design sites from sites like ThemeForest or if your clients are on WordPress refer them to Design Frameworks like genesis or thesis.

IMTips (every other blog I am associated with) uses Genesis and so it’s very easy for me to recommend Genesis to my clients.

You cannot only grab affiliate commissions for referring those designs but can also help the client with additional service in getting the new design installed for them.

3. Recommend CMSes

At times, your clients are not sure of what kind of CMS is right for them. This had really worked well for me in the past when I used to recommend vBulletin but I don’t recommend vBulletin anymore.

Now I refer them Xenforo but then I don’t make any extra income recommending Xenforo that I used to make recommending vBulletin to clients who were looking to add communities to their existing sites.

Note: We don’t recommend products for commission only and for the benefits that the product offers.

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4. Payment solutions

Any website may need payment solutions and recommending payment solutions can work really well for freelancers.

Look for specific payment solution that can help your clients. Normally Stripe and PayPal works for almost all clients and Instamojo and PayU has worked for many of my Indian clients.

Create a list of payment solutions that can cater to your clients needs and try to partner with them for referring clients or develop an API to easily connect the payment solution for your choice of CMS.

5. Refer hosts / CDN

Many of your clients may have issues with their current hosts and you can refer them better hosts. I do recommend my clients to BlueHost for shared hosting and WiredTree for virtual dedicated hosts and my clients just love them.

I also refer my clients to Amazon AWS, MaxCDN or even CloudFlare.

I use most of those for my various websites so I can suggest them exactly which one may be the best for them depending on their requirements.

I do make a commission referring them, but I am also very transparent about what I will be making for their referral at no extra cost to them. On top of that, I also provide discounts to site move if they purchase the new hosts using my affiliate link. A complete win-win situation for me as well as my clients.

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6. Frills based HTML

Web design / development can involve additional services where you can offer your clients some good on page frills added.

On page SEO is an added service that every web designer can offer. Remember I am not suggesting complete SEO solutions but just additional services like SEO friendly HTML, Rich Snippets Integrated HTML, Open Graph support, Twitter cards support…

7. Content Packages

I see this as a very under looked option of web designer’s. More often you will see designers add lorem ipsum as content to the final HTML design but you can always upsell with your web design services the actual content for the site.

Real content for real pages instead of filling an about page or the services page with Lorem Ipsum content. A content package where you can provide them with some content to get started instead of Lorem Ipsum.

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8. Site maintenance and upgrades

CMS are the choice for most clients and so from time to time you can offer your clients a site upgrade option or offer them monthly or yearly charges to keep CMSes and their respected plugins updated to the latest version.

9. Marketing solutions

Every business needs marketing and online business is no different. You can provide social media marketing solutions or email marketing solutions as an additional services to clients.

The services can be as simple as creating Facebook page to provide complete marketing on the social media.

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10. Consulting

Provide additional services as a consultant where you can be paid really high for the consultation.

As an example I provide a lot of SEO consulting services for my clients instead of actually doing an SEO for them. I don’t write content or build links but provide them the complete SEO plan for their website to take it to the next level.

Over to you

Do you offer any additional services as a freelancer? Share them in comments below.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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