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Geting Back to Blogging Ways After Vacation Hangover

Got back from an AMAZING vacation form my hometown Dhoraji.

I was planning to not only visit Dhoraji but also few more places in Gujarat (Following what Amitabh Bachchan Says – Kuch Din Toh Gujaro Gujarat Mein (Spend some time in Gujarat)) for couple of years now but could not find long enough time to spend there. It’s been 15 years since I left my hometown after completing my higher secondary education.

Had been to lot of places in Gujarat but here are few pics that I would like to share from my visit to Gir forest in Gujarat.


Sinh Sadan Where It all Starts
Sinh Sadan Where It all Starts
Starting our Safari Into the Gir Jungle
Starting our Safari Into the Gir Jungle
Deers Open in The Gir Jungle
Deers Open in The Gir Jungle
Monkeys On Trees Right Above Us
Monkeys On Trees Right Above Us
Sambar Standing Very Close to the Road
Sambar Standing Very Close to the Road

Above pictures’ are from an iPhone or 7 Mega Pixel 3X optical zoom digital camera, which means the animals are not very far.

Why it took So Long for me to take a Long Break?

I always had client work coming my way and it was something I was not willing to reject in the early days of freelancing but over time I realized that it was becoming just too much for me and I started to say NO to some of the clients. Though I started rejecting or recommending other people for some tasks still I was not willing to take a long vacation because I assumed it will take me few months to get myself back to same level of work from clients again.

Once I was convinced for a vacation, I started to share with my existing clients that I will not be available for the complete month of October. Some clients moved to the other developers (To those I recommended and some moved on) but majority of clients were fine waiting for almost a month for me to return and get the job done by me only.

Lesson learned – Never assume anything. I was completely wrong in assuming that if I am almost gone for a month; I will loose all my clients and need to restart all over again.

Getting Back to Working Ways is Always Tough

Getting back to working ways is tough but get yourself rewarded for getting started to work and I have been doing mostly client work for a week now because it bring in immediate financial reward and that can help you get back into working ways faster. Still I have lot more work than what I am actually doing each day but slowly and surely getting into the working mode. This small article is something that will help me get into the blogging ways again as well.

Share how you get out of the vacation hangover in comments below?

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Desikan

    breaks give some fresh tought and new ideas.
    Good Luck

  • Rishi

    Wonderful pics! I would also plan for a Gujarat trip sometime in future. Would like to visit Sabarmati Ashram, Akshardham Temple, Gir forest, etc. I have never been to a forest, hence Gir would be on top of my list.

    As far as Gujarat is concerned, it is developed inspite of the fact that none of the A1 cities lie in Gujarat. Places like Jamnagar are not big citites, but are developed (it has Reliance refinery). I think Narendra bhai has done commendable job in bringing lot of investments into the state, from which the state will benefit in coming years.

    • Agree. I see there are too many SEZ’s being in Gujarat compared to only 3 in West Bengal (as per the official doc here) speaks for itself.

  • vinay kumar

    Hi Shabbir, Finally you have taken a good long vaccation.
    Your blogs are always nice to read as you write like a man next door, down-to-earth person.

    I have been reading your blogs on investment for a long time. But I don’t know exactly what service you provide to your clients….Can you share pls

    • I provide Internet Marketing as well as Web Development Services and you can check out the following link

  • Om Prakash Sharma

    How did you feel about Gujarat’s development or is it pure Ad on part of Narendra Modi?

    • Gujarat has always been quite developed and when I was in Gujarat in 1997, it was lot more advanced than West Bengal and now also the same applies. Development has been happening but nothing boosted by Narendra Modi as far as I can see. The development is because the local people are business minded people.

      As the case of my Home town Dhoraji, it is lot worse than it used to be and so I don’t think there is much development in the remote areas as it shows on TV and Ads on FB.

  • subal

    Nice Pics …

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