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Which is Better – Blogger or WordPress?

Very detail comparison to understand which is better – Blogger or WordPress.

WordPress Blog as wordpress.com sub-domain

Your blog URL will be on sub-domain of WordPress.com aka shabbirbhimani.wordpress.com and you can get such blog for free at WordPress.com


  1. Free.
  2. The most powerful blogging engine aka WordPress.


Making money from a wordpress.com blog can be tough because

  1. WordPress.com blog don’t allow you to execute any external JavaScript’s in Sidebar or in post content. This means you will not be allowed to put any ad network like Adsense on the blog. Yes you can use direct banners from affiliate advertising for monetizing the blog.
  2. WordPress.com blog don’t allow you to add other plugins of your choice and you can use only those that they offer in the admin interface.
  3. WordPress.com blog neither allow editing of themes nor allow you to use a custom theme of your choice. I prefer and use Thesis theme and you cannot use such premium themes for your wordpress.com blogs.

See also:

Blogger Blog on blogspot.com sub-domain

Your blog URL will be on sub-domain of blogspot.com aka shabbirbhimani.blogspot.com and you can get such blog for free at blogger.com

Having Blogspot blog overcomes one disadvantage of Adsense or external JavaScript we had for wordpress.com Blog but then it adds few other disadvantages. Many Ad networks require that you own the top level domain and not a sub domain. So a Blogspot blog will be eligible for Adsense but you may have tough time to get approved by other premium ad networks especially CPM Ad networks.

Blogger blog on self hosted domain

Having a Blogspot blog on your a self hosted domain is also possible but I have not tried that myself. You can see the instruction on how to move blogger blog to your own domain here. But blogger blog on a self hosted domain has quite a few disadvantages

  1. There are no good plugins available for blogger blog even if you host your blog on your own server.
  2. There are very few premium themes available for you to use. I am yet to see a theme even close to what Thesis for WordPress.
  3. Comments are mainly handled by blogger and you have very little control over them.
  4. No control over the permalinks. I don’t prefer the date in the url for my posts and you cannot have a blogger blog without year and month in the url.
  5. Blogger can only be used as blog. This means you cannot use it as a complete content management system like WordPress.

See also:

WordPress Blog on self hosted domain aka imtips.co

WordPress is undoubtedly the best blogging platforms available and is very easy to use from multiple view point like SEO, plugins, themes… Apart from that it has all the needed stuff to make your site look professional website and not just blog (if you want it that way).

The question which is better Blogger or WordPress is answered and it is all WordPress show. So now check out my step by step guide to getting started blogging with WordPress

Update Nov 29 2011: Now you can make money from your WordPress.com blog. See http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/wordads/

Update July 2012: Blogger blogs now have country specific URLs depending on users visiting country. As I visit any blogspot blog form India, I will always be seeing blogspot.in subdomain like adsense.blogspot.in where as user from other areas may see a tld specific to his geo like adsense.blogspot.co.uk or adsense.blogspot.it which means users when referring your blog may copy the url which is specific to their GEO. On top of that there could be issues with how Facebook likes to those urls are handled because any post on a particular blog when liked by a user in India may not be seen as 1 Liked by user in Italy. This is not confirmed but just my assumption of how it would work.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • i manually adjust my blog according to my needs

  • Smith Bill

    WordPress provides much more flexibility than blogger and is much more scalable,IMO. Blogger’s Interface has improved over the years, but is not worked on and updated nearly as much as WordPress. WordPress has a large community of people looking to constantly improve it, while Blogger is pretty far down on Google’s list of products to focus on.Pls visit 2ezasia website.

  • I’m use to WordPress, wordpress is Best, WordPress is good, good for SEO, Business

    • But you left your blogspot url in the website field in the comments.

  • shivam

    hi sir,
    m just new to blogging. So i want to know what should i go with, blogger or wordpress??

  • Am using blogger and with so many wordpress templates being made compatible with blogger, am find it nice.
    Thanks for the good work.

    • Steve, Kinuthia, make sure you also change the IP when posting under different names when changing your URL’s and other parameters. Reporting such posts as spam would mean all your posts in Akismet would go into spam. Be careful

      • Karthic

        Man, how did you find that? Great! Is there any free tool to find other’s ip address?

        • Each WordPress comments tracks the ip address of the user.

          • Karthic

            oh great!

  • This analysis is very good. I would prefer a wordpress blog but its much complicated to use not like blogger which is very easy even for those who are not very tech pros.
    Thanks for the analysis

  • Haris Jadoon

    @Shabbir and others

    I previously used blogger and was very content with it. Recently I switched to wordpress but the problem I am having is that it gets “dead” again and again. The connection gets interrupted. Stays that way for an hour then works then goes dead again. Any ideas?

    • Are you using WordPress on your own domain or on WordPress.com? If you are using on your own domain then your host is playing that with you.

  • I’m a pro-Blogger and will always be as I’m making a decent income integrating Adsense into my blogspot blogs. I recently bought a domain and host though, just to step up my internet marketing venture. HostGator is using WordPress as hosting platform and it seems to have a more professional design than Blogger.

  • Now you can make money from your WordPress.com blog. See http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/wordads/

  • Thank u for such great information….

  • i think wordpress is better than blogger, because can be adjusted according to user wishes. And have a lot of plugin that can improving site management

  • Sumit

    I think Blogger is the best, because if you want to rank high in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) then Google applies its one of the factor of its Algorithm in its own product, Google gives priority to its own product (blogger) rather than wordpress, I’m not 100% sure but i experienced it.

    Blogger has quite interesting Dashboard, there are many tools over there to make your blog more attractive and professional

    • Sumit, I am yet to see anything that promotes blogger in SERP and if you can share your experiences that would be awesome for everyone of us to learn.

      Yes Dashboard is good but if you compare them with the plugins of WordPress, the dashboard looks pretty small.

      • Sumit

        I agree with the point of SEO after reviewing the WordPress, blogspot is not good enough in terms of SEO but yaa in terms of Affiliate marketing Blogspot in far better than WordPress
        Blogger is a quite user-friendsly and doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML, CSS or experience with web hosting, including the ability to incorporate widgets, videos, polls etc. in the sidebar of your blog, Blogger is user friedly drag and drop and fast , though wordpress is slow and not much user friendly

        I am using Blogspot from 10 month and i’m quite satisfied with it

        • I don’t agree with you on user friendly ness of WordPress Sumit because WordPress is very user friendly but as you are not using WordPress you may not be aware of the flexibility of themes and control and so some themes may make it look difficult things for WordPress.

          • Hows you doing, Shabbir?

            Well I agree with Sumit in this case. I tried to use wordpress many times after reading your review and many other good reviews on wp. But am unsuccessful. Its not as easy as Blogger to setup and run our own website. Agreed that Blogger is not that good for customization, comments, etc., But when am not even able to understand wp, am gettting settled with blogger.

            It will be really helpful if you guys try to provide us how-to way to use wp. Yes, there are lots of contents online about wp. But am not able to understand anything since am not from a programming bg.

            • karthic, I would love to and can you let me know where you are stuck. I mean is it install, customization or anything else.

              • Thanks for your initiative, Shabbir. firstly i don’t even know the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. I once installed wordpress 3.2.1.zip. But am not sure what and how to intall. It has 3 folders like wp-admin, wp-includes, wp-content and many other files.

                • Hi Karthic, to understand the different between .com and .org read this. In one line all I can say is wordpress.com is service where you can have WordPress blog on WordPress.com sub domain like shabbirbhimani.wordpress.com and using WordPress.org you can download the WordPress open source software and install it on your own server like imtips.co. You can read about how to install WordPress here.

                  • oh i remember! i used to do some basic stuffs in wordpress.com without any success. I tried to login now after long time and it says ‘site is suspended’. Not sure why is my account suspended. Anyways Thanks Shabbir for sharing a nice article.

                    • May be because of not using your account it is suspended. Check out with the support team.

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