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Best Cheap Shared Hosting

When you start with your website you always tend to find hosts which are less costly and cheap and at times get into hosting which are actually cheap in price but not very reliable and so I thought I would share some of my best list of cheap web hosts which either I have tested over time or have worked for my client and have interacted with the support. The Shared Web Hosts Listed below offer shared hosting for less than $5 per month and the rank is based on best value for money. Overall value is determined by price, reliability and customer service to me or to my friends or clients.


Hostgator.com though offers plan for $4.95 ( called Hatchling ) their best and Most Popular Hosting Plan is the one for $7.95 per month ( called Baby ) and the main difference between both the plans is Hatchling does not offer adding more than one domain but Baby plan offers unlimited domains. There are few other slight differences but they are not mainly used by users starting with the new hosting.

I have rated highly hostgator.com because they are the only one shared host I have come across who offer shell access. Though its not active by default but when you need it they just can do it for you. One of my client had huge database which needed an export and that could not be done through any interface and so Shell was the best bet and they activated the shell access within hours for me to use it.

Click Here to Visit Hostgator.Com

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BlueHost.com offers only one plan of $6.95 per month but they offer features which many other hosts charge much more than $6.95 per month. What I like about BlueHost is their support. They offer chat support at $6.95 per month and this means if you have any issue you do not need to create support tickets and then wait for some representative to see and respond to it but can directly get in touch with the team in no time. I have not seen this for majority of shared web hosts.

I will tell you a short story. A friend of mine who is hosting with BlueHost had messed up MX entries when using Google Mail for his domain and till we finished our cup of tea he could manage to chat with BlueHost people to get things back on track.

Click Here to Visit BlueHost.Com


Godaddy is one of the first host where I started my web presence and the main reason to start with them was I had few domains already in Godaddy. I chose to use Godaddy.com as my hosts and was pretty satisfied with them when it comes to price, reliability and support. I was with Godaddy till my requirement was Virtual Dedicated Server but when it comes to Dedicated Servers they do not have good value for money.

Click Here to Visit Godaddy.Com

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JustHost.com is one of the least expensive web hosting companies around, with good quality of service. Justhost is very reliable for its shared hosting and utilizes load balancing technology to virtually eliminate downtime. With load balancing, your site is hosted on multiple servers. Thus if one server experiences a problem, your site will remain online on a different server.

Apart from all the normal feature that any web hosts provide they additional provide free domain for lifetime with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for both their plan JustPlan and JustPlan Premium.

Click Here to Visit JustHost.Com

I would be adding few more to the lists here as I interact with more hosts in the near future.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Piyush K

    Namecheap shared hosting is good for India traffic?

  • What do you think of bigrock as a host?

    • Shweta, no personal experience and none of my friends also host with them and so cannot comment.

  • You know what! this articles is the most honest review! I subscribed to ipage yesterday and tried the interface which in beta, everything so messed up! there’s no addon domain icon. There’s less control in the file manager (no right click function like cpanel). the interface itself load so damn slow, and uploading 25mb of zip file takes 55 seconds! Advice me which webhosting is better as i already on baby hostgator but the price is killing me $9.95/month. i need a cheaper webhosting but as good as hostgator esp on the chat and ticket support.

    • Eddy, I recommend BlueHost.

  • Salman

    How about renewal of domain name? Should I go to nameCheap only or can I renew with any other company I like next year?

  • Salman

    Thanks Shabir, I went through your articles.

    Have you tried GOOGLE check payment with NameCheap?
    If I buy domain from NameCheap now, should I go to them only for renewal next year?
    Can I able to renew this domain with any other company, if I want?


    • Yes I have moved few domains to namecheap and I have plans to move all my domains to namecheap. Now after buying you can transfer your domains as you like after few days. These few days vary from company to company and site to site.

  • Salma

    ..And GODADDY accepts payments through PAYPAL. So I want to fill my PAYPAL account to make payment.

  • Salma

    This is to make payment to my domain

  • Salma


    How much PAYPAL would charge in total for adding fund from my linked bank account? How about paying from PAYPAL to GoDADDY, that also be charged?

    • PayPal funds cannot be used for anything and so it will be of no help to upload funds into PayPal.

  • Salma

    Hi Shabir,

    I decided to go for own domain with GODADDY.
    I would like to choose the best domain name. How to choose the best domain name? ( ON SEO perspective)
    I use Google Keyword tool to check popularity of Keywords.

    • Don’t opt for a domain name for SEO but go with Memorable Domain Name

      • Salma

        Hi Shabir,

        Any idea : How to make payment to Godaddy when I purchase my domain there. I do not have any credit card at the moment. I tried to pay through my Mastercard debit card but it did not go through.

        Any other way to make payment for people in India?

        • Not sure if you can make payment with other payment options because I am using Credit card. What I can suggest is you can use NameCheap where you can upload money using Google Checkout as well. See if it works for you. Check out my article How to Transfer Domain out of GoDaddy where I have suggested steps to move out of GoDaddy.

          • salma

            I wonder why they don’t accept debit cards.

            I have a PAYPAL account and I can pay from that account to GODADDY.

            But how to add fund to PAYPAL account? Is it possible to add funds from my bank account linked with the paypal account?

            What are the way to add funds to PAYPAL other than credit card?

            • PayPal accounts with debit cards will cost you a lot in forex but yes you can pay using PayPal for GoDaddy. You can either pay as guest without logging into your paypal account but using the card or you can login and pay but make sure you select the source of funds as your debit card.

  • Googler

    Hey thats very interesting. Loved to see your experience.

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