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AWeber Footer SlideUp Installation Instructions

The installation instruction in AWeber Footer Slideup plugin is not very detailed and so I am going to create a very detailed installation instructions with screenshots to help you get started with the plugin.

If you have any issues you can always post in comments and I will be more than happy to help or else you can even hire me at Elance to get it done for you.

Step 1 Generate Inline AWeber Web Form

  1. Opt for In-Line Form Type (marked as 1 in the above screenshot)
  2. Select the basic form design template (marked as 2 in the above screenshot)
  3. De-select header, footer, privacy, counter, powered options. (marked as 3 in the above screenshot)

See also:

Step 2 Grab RAW HTML code of the form

Change the form settings as you normally do in the step 2 of web form creation in AWeber and when you reach step 3 i.e. publish your form opt for Raw HTML version of the code and un-check the check box to get the unformatted basic HTML code.

Sometimes the un-formatted checkbox malfunctions and if it does not work as expected make sure you save the form and then come back to the publish page again to generate the un-formatted html form.

Step 3 Upload and Activate the plugin

You can use the WordPress plugin interface to install the plugin or else you can download the plugin and manually upload the aweber-footer-slideup folder under the wp-contents/plugins folder. Once uploaded activate the plugin through the “˜Plugins’ menu.

When the plugin is active you will see AWeber Footer Slideup options in the bottom left corner under the settings menu.

Click the link. The link is http://yourblogurl/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=awfs

See also:

Step 4 Configure the Plugin with the HTML code

Once you are in the admin options panel for the plugin you see 3 fields.

Tagline is the content shown as heading which can be anything you want to display as message to your user.

For Hidden AWeber Form Fields (Required) we will use the Raw HTML AWeber code. Search for Hidden Div. i.e. the code between <div style=”display: none;”> and <div> . I have marked the code as 1 in the screenshot below.

Copy everything between the div and paste it in the text area you have for Hidden AWeber Form Fields. This is the minimum you will requite to do for the plugin to work.

Optional Fields

To add the tracking image find a second hidden div (Mark 2 in the above picture) where AWeber has the image to track views of the form and calculates statistics like submissions to unique display and submission to display.

<div style=”display: none;”>

Copy the image src url and place into the Tracking Image URL of AWeber Webform (Optional) field.

I completed all the above steps and yet I don’t see the plugin in action?

Your plugin should support the basic hooks in header and footer for the plugin to work. Make sure you have

  1. somewhere in the header.php file. Ideally in <head>
  2. somewhere in footer.php file. Ideally just before the </body> tag

I hope the installation instructions are more clear now but if you still have any queries or questions don’t hesitate to post them in comments below. I will be more than happy to help.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Thanks so much for the instructions! It works perfectly. πŸ™‚

  • I like it! I had to do a little fine-tuning of the CSS as out of the box the slide-up bar was not high enough on my browser for some reason to show the input and submit boxes. Perhaps a configuration option (to avoid CSS tinkering for the non-savvy) for the bar height would be in order.

    The instructions were also a bit confusing on the point about copying just the Aweber code BETWEEN (and not including) the div tag.

    I agree with the comment elsewhere that a good feature would be to set the “do not display again” cookie upon submission of the form, so that once the user signs up they don’t get prompted again (unless of course they clear their cookies or use a different browser).

    I very much like that the form automatically doesn’t show up on a mobile device, as although the slide-up itself is responsive since the height is fixed the input boxes end up stacked and off screen. Perhaps some sort of mechanism to allow the height to adapt so that all of the form elements would remain visible would solve that, but on the other hand the mobile devices I’ve tested so far do not seem to play well with overlay forms.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your suggestion and yes submit button to setup cookie is something in my list of ToDo things for this plugin and will try to add that as soon as possible.

      Yes mobile it is by default off and you were right that it is too annoying on mobile. For CSS I can have few options but then control over the complete CSS is what is preferred and that is best way in WordPress.

      • Dee Uy

        Can you please post a guide on how to adjust the height of slider bar. Mine is also not high enough to show the input and subscribe boxes. Maybe a tutorial on how to adjust it on CSS

        • Changing the height of the form is not something that will be needed too frequently but you can adjust the height using the following CSS

          div#footerform {height:55px !important;}

          And place that anywhere in your style’s CSS file.

  • I just installed the plugin on a new site and cannot get it to work, can you help me figure out what the problem is? I’m only running a few plugins and have deactivated them all to make sure I didn’t have a conflict there. You mentioned something about a hook in the php file, but I’m not sure what I’m looking for to verify that.

    • Emily, the issue I assume is with the jQuery Woocommerce cookie plugin that conflicts with the jQuery cookies I am using and so the slideup does not show. If you want, I can look into the matter on your blog and fix it for you as well.

  • Thanks for your plug-in sounds great. I’ve got a problem in practice though.

    I have had a number of attempts to get the right code in the box for the aweber code but I still can’t get it right.

    I’ve produced various errors, but I can’t seem to get it right. What are the first words of the code that should be included…

    Is it:

    And are the last few characters…..

    Are is it something else. Thanks.

  • Hi Shabbir, can you help me out with my website? i am not really familiar with CSS and HTML and im afraid of changing the codes there because it could damage the website. Can you please give me steps on how to edit the plugin? Because it is not properly shown. Hope you can read this.

    I really need your help. Thanks in advance!

    • Please clarify which step you have issue and to use the plugin you don’t need to edit any HTML or CSS. Just Copy Paste.

  • e

    More questions-

    1. Mine looks transparent. Yours looks solid. How can I get mine to look solid, like yours?
    2. You have the cool, fancy signup button for your slideup bar on this page. How can I get one, if you have us using the BASIC form?
    3. Which other forms can we use this with besides from BASIC form?
    4. How do we get our text/offer to appear to the left of the name and email fields, instead of on top of them?
    5. How do we change the color of the slider bar and its top border?

    • I will suggest you to read the readme and installation instruction as that answers some of your questions and then shoot the one that you don’t get the answers for and I will be more than happy to answer them all.

  • e

    Hi, Do you make a plugin to display a horizontal form without using a slideup? Also, do you make a slide down slider to work with Aweber form?

    • e

      FOLLOW UP question:

      How can I get a horizontal Aweber opt-in form, like you have, above, on this page, installed to my site, without using a slider, at all?

  • Finally got it to work. I would shrink your screenshot to just the <div style line plus 8 lines of the <imput and removed everything else. I was confused by the red 2 thinking I needed to copy everything down to the next <div style line. Perhaps this is where others are getting stuck too.
    Thanks for the plugin. I used it with feedburner for years.

    • To an extent but I have numbered code from that screenshot that you should be copying.

      • I agree..the RED #2 threw me way off…Thank you Debbie for the post, I figured it out in seconds. I think maybe just highlighting the code needed may help all!

        Great plugin.


  • Just wondering if I can add an extra Field (Phone Number)

    • Yes can get that done for you but I don’t think it is used by too many people and so will not put that as a part of the plugin.

  • Looks fine on the laptop, although it is not working for my iphone. I see the top of it but it won’t scroll down to see the name and email fields. I am using Genesis/Dynamik responsive.

    Will this not work on a responsive theme? Thanks.

    • It actually is on top of the footer.

    • Yes it would work on Responsive theme on wide screen but not on small phones because else it will fill the entire screen of smart phone.

  • Beautiful!! Got it working in less than 60 seconds!!!!

  • shaun

    by the way.. just set it up for the first time and works flawlessly for me. not sure why these peeps are having trouble. maybe need some 101 lessons.

  • shaun

    Should say
    Search for Hidden Div. i.e. the code between and . I have marked the code as 1 in the screenshot below.

    Add the closing /div. I was totally confused, looking for the next open div.

  • Christian

    You really need to start listening to your commenters instead of insisting that the plugin still works.

    Aweber has upgraded its contact form engine, and the output code does not include the hidden div. It may be that Aweber’s raw html panel isn’t working as intended, but either way you should be acknowledging this instead of dismissing your user’s comments.I’ve been using this plugin for a while now with some success, but I’ll be uninstalling it now I can see how interested you really are.

    You say you are actively supporting this plugin, but if you cannot be bothered to even check what is going on, how is anyone going to use it?

    • Christian, I always listen to my readers and let me prove my point as I see things in my aWeber account NOW.

      Aweber RAW HTML Code

      This is what I see which has the hidden Div as well as the screen grab looks pretty much similar to the one I have in the installation instructions. If you still have the confusion, do let me know and I will be more than happy to help.

  • The text for the slider shows up, but the form field for AWeber do not. You can see this on the home page at http://www.JudsonMobile.com.

    We believe we have installed the Aweber code correctly. Is there something that is an obvious error. If not, what is the charge to get this working. It looks like we are probably doing one simple thing wrong in integrating with AWeber.

    • Hi David, you have added the complete AWeber code and it only needs the hidden form field codes to be added. Yes I can get it working for you. Contact me on my email with your WP Admin and I will get this done for you.

  • Hi Shabbir

    Thanks for adding this into WordPress – however I’m having trouble with the plug in (see website) it only shows ‘Name’ with the white box and not email or the sign up button.

    Hoping you can help,


    • You have added the complete AWeber code and you should be adding only the hidden form field code and nothing more Seb

      • All done – just read above that it’s only 7-8 lines of code that you need inbetween the ‘div’ bits. Many thanks πŸ™‚

        • sorry to bother again, I can’t seem to get the ‘submit’ button customised. I tried putting the dash (-) or do I need to put the link to the submit button in the custom field?


          • Seb, I already see you have the Subscribe Me Seb as submit button text but if you want to put an image to the button then you can add – in the text and then add the CSS background to formInputSubmitfooter class.

  • Chris

    aweber form generator has gone to version 3.0 and doesn’t use the code layout in your screen anymore, so I’m not sure how to use this plugin.

    • Chris, My screenshots still works. In the publish tab you can see the Raw HTML code. Yes first stage is making a basic web form in AWeber which remains pretty much similar.

      If you have issues in any particular stage do let me know and I will clarify that step.

  • Can you please check my site and tell me why the form is showing the way it is.
    Here is the site http://www.instanttrafficideas.com

    Thank you.

    • I don’t see the form at all Jose.

  • Wow guys – thanks. I was taking all of the info down to where the red 2 showed up (/div) on the screenshot. I finally went to one of my older websites that has a working slider and looked at it. Now I understand where to cut is above the red 2. Thanks again. I love this slide up very much. Appreciate the help. thanks again to you both.

    • The pleasure is all mine Debbie.

      • Shabbir, you need to fix that screen capture I tell ya, that’s where you are confusing people…

        • Sure, which screen capture is confusing Stefan.

          • Please refer to my previous post @ 1:56pm… me thinks you missed that one because you offered to help after I clearly indicated I had solved the problem?

            • Stefan, Thanks for pointing that out and I never thought it could mean the way you thought it was and now I have made the screenshot lot more clearer. Let me know your views now and thanks once again for pointing that out.

  • OK, solution found. As you have previously pointed out, the formatting has to be removed. The actual hidden div is really short, like only 6 or 6 lines and the rest if you take a careful look, is *not* hidden and therefore should not be used.

    Dare I say the point of confusion happens when viewing the graphic you so kindly provide? The big red 1 seems to indicate the start of the div and then the big red 2 seems to indicate the end of the div. I know now this is not the case but I’m sure that’s how Debbie can fix her problem and anybody else reading this.

    Hope this helps…

    • Stefan, the issue is you have copied the complete html from AWeber and not the minimal html code and that is why your form is getting hidden because of height of the slider.

      You can email me your link and I will be more than happy to have a look.

      • Sorry for posting twice, but it’s fixed. Thanks again for your time.

        • The pleasure is all mine Stefan.

  • Shabbir, first of all thanks for offering your time to help. I wasn’t going to post but I am experiencing the same problem as Debbie on my site. Unfortunately I can’t post the link here because the material is for mature audience only.

    I have checked a few of the other links provided above and all of them work as you would expect. So, what are Debbie and I doing wrong? Here are some details I can offer:

    – Using WP 3.4.1
    – Tried to view the site from Win7 using both Firefox and IE, no difference.
    – I have the same exact problem when I view Debbie’s site.
    – You can see the title, you can see the close now and never show again links.
    – You can see the label for name.
    – Even though I set labels to be right aligned, the name label shows up on top of the input box center aligned.
    – The email box is not displayed on the same line but rather below the name field .
    – I don’t see the small icon displayed inside the name input box.

    Seems to me the css styling isn’t being applied but then again I do see the title in larger text, bolded?!?

    Suggestions please…

  • I am trying to get your footer to work on this theme I am using. I have used your aweber footer slide up before with no problem. Is this problem something related to this theme. I followed your directions in aweber – created the html – unformatted and either get nothing on the slider or the top of the name only – no sign up button or email. Please help me. thank you. I want to use your slider on another website that I built with this theme too.

    thank you.

    • Debbie, I am able to see the form on your website link that you have shared in the comments. Let me know if you still have the problem and will be more than happy to look into the issue.

      • Hi Shabbir,

        Thanks for responding – I see the form but the name comes out in the middle and not completely. No email box and no sign up button. I do see the writing above the where the buttons should be. I looked at it on another computer last night and saw the same thing.

        I did take it out and put it back. but it keeps coming out this same way. Please let me know if you see it that way. there is no place to have people put in their info.

        thanks again … Debbie

        • Debbie, you are copying the complete HTML code by AWeber and you will need to copy only the hidden fields in the HTML code.

  • Awesome, you’re an absolute legend, and I’m a huge fan!

    • The pleasure is all mine Tyler.

      • Hi Shabbir,
        And you thought you’d heard the last of me πŸ™‚

        My plugin WAS working well, but it seems now to be conflicting with one or more of my installed plugins as the “close for now” and “don’t show again” links are no longer working.

        What is the easiest way to identify what plugin it’s conflicting with? Last night I moved all my plugins into a separate folder and just left the slider active and it was working again.

        I have quite a few plugins and if I move them over slowly and then open a new browser and click the “close for now” and it works, what is the quickest way to get the reactivate the slider? Do I close the browser and relaunch or do I have to also delete all the cookies from my site?

        Just trying to figure out the quickest way to debug. Here’s a link to my site so you can see what I mean about the links: http://shyguydatingadvice.com/online-dating/online-dating-mistakes-men-make/

        By the way, thanks for your helpful Facebook post of the “10 must-have tools for entrepreneurs” recently.

        • Tyler, you can just remove one cookie which is dont_show_footer_form cookie for the domain. Great to see that you are following on FB as well and time and again, I share things I read online.

  • Hey Shabbir, you’re an absolute star! You’ve just 100% made my day πŸ™‚ I was pulling my hair out yesterday wondering why that wasn’t working. That’s why I could never code like you. I don’t have the minute attention to detail that you do. A simple word like “!important” makes such a world of difference.

    Anyway thanks again for all your help in setting up this plugin on my site. You’ve really gone out of your way to help! I’ll be very sure to recommend your plugin to others and in fact I already have.

    With regards to my suggestion to having the slideup display after a set time of 30 seconds, I did a quick search yesterday for a javascript time delay method and found this one that I thought I’d test out:


    (I found it on this site: http://www.howtocreate.co.uk/tutorials/javascript/timers)

    Anyway after opening the javascript files to try to suss out where I could place it, I got super intimidated by all the code and rather than risk breaking something, I left it. Anyway if you know of an easy way to implement this or you do something like this in a future version, I for one will be sure to update.

    Anyway I’ve gone ahead and liked you Facebook page and I’ve discovered loads of interesting content on your Best of IMTips page, so I’ll definitely be dropping by again to get some reading in!

    All the best,

    • Tyler, glad to see those nice words from you and I really like helping my readers. It feels great when something by me was useful for you especially best of IMTips.

      Also for making the timeout you need to edit the code and the file to be edited is js/jquery-libs.js


      You can change the 5000 to any number of milliseconds as your delay.

      Remember that changing the plugins would mean you may need to redo the changes when I update the plugins as this changes would not be permanent.

  • Thanks Shabbir, I’ve made some progress.

    I’ve implemented the JavaScript you gave me by adding the following code to the body of my “Thank You” page which seems to have effectively stopped my footer slideup from displaying across the site once that page has loaded once.
    $awfsjQuery.cookie('dont_show_footer_form', 'true', { expires: 3650, path: '/'});

    Thanks a lot for that!

    With regards to hiding the slider on designated pages, I am not able to get the code that you gave me with to work. I added that css snippet to my style.css file exactly as you gave it to me, yet the slideup still displays.

    For example here is a link to a squeeze page where the slideup should be disabled: http://shyguydatingadvice.com/free-be-yourself-seduction/

    The page has a class called postid-2039 applied to the body tag. I’ve added your code: .postid-2039 #footerform {display:none;} to my style.css file yet the slideup still appears.

    Any other ideas perhaps? I feel like I’m so close now to getting things set up as I want. Thanks so much for all your time and effort in helping me out.

    • Tyler, you need to add the !important property and so the final code would be.

      .postid-2039 #footerform {display:none !important;}

  • Hi there Shabbir,
    I’m just getting your plugin installed on my site. Thanks for your work on this. So far so good. I was just wondering if it’s possible to somehow disable your plugin on certain pages? For example I have a few landing pages on which I don’t want the Slideup to appear. Is there a piece of code I could add to these pages to disable the slideup?
    Thanks again,

    • Tyler, you can conditionally hide the form on pages you don’t want the slideup using CSS and there is no other way of getting this done.

      • Thanks for your quick response Shabbir. My CSS skills are experimental at best. Do you by any chance have the code to conditionally hide the slideup on certain pages? For example I obviously don’t want the slideup to show on my Thank You or Download pages that the user sees after signing up.

        Also I thought of a couple of other things that would elevate this plugin from “good” to “killer”. Here are some ideas for an updated version if you ever find the time or have the inclination…

        1) It would be awesome if it were possible to set the slider to display after a certain length of time, for example 30 secs, 1 minute etc. So the visitor gets a chance to focus on the content before being pushed to sign up for a newsletter. Or even better, the sildeup could be activated once the visitor has scrolled half way down the page. This would likely indicate that the user is engaging with the content and would increase the likelihood of the visitor being the right state of mind to sign up (because they find the content interesting) rather than choose to “close for now” or “never show again”.

        2) Also, the slider obviously doesn’t have much space to educate the visitor as to the benefits of signing up for the newsletter. Many webmasters like myself create a dedicated landing page that spells out the benefits of the newsletter or free report. It would therefore be awesome if there were an easy way to add a customizable link above the “close for now” and “never show again” links in order to provide the user with more information if they’re sitting on the fence about signing up. In my case I’d add a “Learn more” link above the “Close for now” link that links to my dedicated squeeze page.

        You can see how I’ve been playing around with adding a link below the tagline although I think it would be better on the right so as not to detract from the main objective of getting an immediate sign up: http://shyguydatingadvice.com/rejection/overcome-approach-anxiety/

        3) Last but not least, another absolutely awesome feature (that I for one would be willing to pay for and have paid for in the past when using similar services) would be if it were possible to enter a URL that automatically deactivates the slideup if the visitor lands on the page. For example I might add my Thank You page URL and this would stop the slider from ever displaying for anyone who has visited my Thank You page (as they’ve already signed up for my newsletter or free report). Or I could choose to designate my squeeze page URL, thinking that if the visitor didn’t sign up after being exposed to my full benefits sales copy, then I’m not going to bother showing them the slideup anymore.

        I have used a service that had this feature before and it was very useful indeed. All I had to do was paste a piece of code on the designated URL page that I believed added a cookie to the users browser that the program checked for before activation. If you want more details about that service do let me know.

        Anyway thanks again for your plugin. I’m looking forward to getting the condition display working and testing it over the next few weeks. Of course if you have any work around solutions for any of my other recommendations, I’m all ears πŸ™‚

        Have an great weekend!

        • Hi Tyler,

          Thanks for your wonderful list of tasks and I visited your site and found the issue why the link is not clickable and it is because your arrow image is sitting above the text and so it is becoming unclikcable. make the z-index of image as -10 and that would make the link clickable.

          1> yes that would be good to have some timer and I have added it as the feature that I may implement in future.

          2> Again that would be part of future list of features.

          3> That can be done by just grabbing the code of Never show link and paste that into the thanks page and that would do the job for you.

          Regarding the CSS your body element has the following

          So for the page-ids of page you don’t want footer slideup you can add in your CSS display:none for footer form


          • Hi Shabbir,
            Regarding my link not being clickable, I figured it had something to do with the image placement as it was working before I starting playing around with the image. Thanks for that, although for now I decided to remove the arrow image.

            Regarding your comment 3 about how to stop showing the slideup if a particular page has already been seen by the visitor, I pulled the following code from the awfs.php file: Don’t show anymore.

            The question for me now is how can I call the “slidedown(); return false” method on a page load behavior as opposed to an on click? So that when my “thank you” page loads your plugin is deactivated across the site?

            Also your comment regarding hiding the slider on designated pages using CSS display none sounds great. After playing around for some time now I’m still sussed out how to implement this. For example I see what you mean that each page has a unique page ID. In my case, I’d like to deactivate the slider on pages with the following classes in the body tag:
            class=”single single-landing_page postid-2039 full-width-content”
            class=”single single-landing_page postid-2162 full-width-content”
            class=”single single-landing_page postid-2451 full-width-content”

            What is the exact code that I need to insert into my style.css file?

            Thanks so much for your help!

            • Tyler, you don’t need to call the slidedown function but you need to implement the functionality of that function for never show again in jquery-libs.js

              $awfsjQuery.cookie('dont_show_footer_form', 'true', { expires: 3650, path: '/'});

              Regarding CSS you need to add the following.

              .postid-2039 #footerform {display:none;}

  • Shabbir, I love your plugin very much. It is easy to use, simple but powerful to get more subscribers from wordpress blog. Congratulation!

    • Thanks Nazri for wonderful feedback and great to see that you liked my plugin.

  • Here…


    zinput name=”sumbit” class=”sumbit” type=”sumbit” valute”sumbit” tabindex=”502″ />

    • HTML code in comments gets jumbled and so if you can use pastebin that would be awesome.

  • Woops,

    12 X $20 = $240


    • So what explanation you want?

      • andrea

        Hi Glen, Shabbir was nice enough to direct me to the feedburner solution to his slide up. I didn’t try it yet so i can’t really comment on it. as for the arithmetic problem, the first month from aweber is free. How more lucky could be be!!

  • Shabbir,

    Please explain that Aweber is about $20 a month, and there are currently 12 months in a year. IE 52 X $20 = $240.

    Just puncituation and arithmathic.
    Glen Standridge
    Learn Home Remodeling With Glen

  • Hi, Shabbir — I figured out the problem — will get back to you if I have more problems — thanks!


    • Glad to see that you have figured out the problem and do let me know if you still have any issues. Will be more than happy to help.

  • Hi, and thanks for the help!

    I cannot seem to get Aweber to generate the unformatted code that has the div fields in it — it gives me this code below as unformatted code.

    How do I work with this?

    Has Aweber changed how they code the HTML??

    Please advise — I have followed all your other steps to the letter…


  • andrea

    That doesn’t make your plugin free!! It actually costs $210 a year. right?

    • My plugin is completely free but if it uses some other paid product that does not mean my plugin is also paid.

      Apart from that my plugin is also available for Feedburner as well. See http://imtips.co/feedburner-footer-slideup.html where Feedburner is also free and so the plugin becomes free with your view point as well.

  • andrea

    HI Shabbir,
    I installed the AWeber Footer Slideup plugin and want to try it. now i need to get the AWeber WebForm Interface. Right? so i would need to subscribe the the AWeber webform and pay subscription fee to be able to use your lively plug in?

    • Andrea, yes you need to have AWeber account to get the users to signup to some list. You can read my review of AWeber

  • I cannot get the form to appear like you have on your page here:
    at the bottom.

    Specifically, the “SIGN UP >” button does not appear for me:

    what am I missing?

    • I see that form is working on your site and I am able to see the submit button as well.

  • I can’t seem to get the form to look as you have in your example. Specifically, I don’t see the nice ‘subscribe’ button that you’ve collected from a Sprite image.
    What do I need to do to see that?

    • You need to use Custom CSS for sprite based images. You have the option in the admin area to remove the CSS begin served by plugin and then provide the CSS for your sprite based image.

  • Shabbir

    I just discovered the neatest thing or situation. It’s called meet up, I live in the Las Vegas, Nevada USA area and I started looking for some after a friend in Memphis, Tennessee USA. I have found a bunch of them. There is one or two for photography, there is one for blogging, there is one for WordPress, there is one for hiking pretty much you name it and there is a meet up in the area.

    I just noticed that I apparently didn’t get back to you after you had a look at my site and told me that a blog was crowding out the lower blogs, therefore killing the sidebar. I did go searching and indeed I found a different one than you suspected, but never-the-less the answer was as always from the route of your directions. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Meanwhile I found a new hang out and an additional source of assistance. I went to a WordPress meet up Tuesday 6/12/2012, met a bunch of real nice people with the experience level from thinking about to the sky is the limit. There were article writers, a professional photographer, an SEO content expert, free snacks and drinks of whatever desired. You would have loved it. It was like a great big party.

    My only thought is, why hasn’t someone told me about these get togethers before. The really great thing is that it is a group of people that have simular interest with me.

  • Chris

    Cant for the life of me get it to work. For some reason is showing in my footer as just plain text without the formatting – http://awesomescreenshot.com/0788354ae any help is appreciated. Have followed your instructions as well as i can understand it.

    • Chris, not sure I can see much from your screenshot and can you share your blog url here and I will be more than happy to look into it.

  • Shabbir,

    When it comes to WordPress, you are the go to guy.

    This is not an unworthy comment, although I do need an anyalsis of a situation that my site has encountered.

    All of my sidebar that should be on the right side of the page has fallen to the bottom of the page and is stacked up there.

    Are you aware of any problems with the Suffusion Theme?

    If an opportunity presents itself, do me the honor of having a look.




    • Glen, Your theme is messed up and from What is Tinnitus? post. It is inside the post above and so width of your content area has increased such that sidebar cannot be accommodated on the side. Apart from that I also see Title of the page is missing and other such issues. I am not sure if this is the inherent problem with the theme or not but it is certainly on your site and if you have not done anything for those issues then it should be the theme that has some issues.

  • Shabbir,

    You are just having totally too much fun, my friend.

    I am sooo faaar behind that I question if I will get caught up this century. But I am also having too much fun.



    • Halina,

      Just add the following to your Custom CSS file in Thesis.

      div#footerform .formInputSubmitfooter {
          background: url("http://halinagoldstein.dk/blog/wp-content/themes/thesis_18/custom/images/sendbutton.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
          border: medium none;
          height: 40px !important;
          text-indent: -9999px;
          vertical-align: middle;
          width: 160px !important;
  • No, you were right, I do want to have a button image there. I have the button uploaded but I don’t know how exactly to change the CSS. Would it be too much to ask for the exact code?

    • No it would not be much and send me the link to your uploaded image and I will say what you need to place where.

  • Thank you so much for the plugin!
    One question: How do I replace the standard submit field with my own Sign UP button?

    • You have to do using CSS by applying CSS properties to the following class – formInputSubmitfooter

      • Thanks – will look into it (it’s never too late to learn :-))

        • Sorry I just thought you are looking to apply the image to the button but if you just want to change the text, you have the option in the admin configuration page.

          If you want to apply the button to image you can do that using CSS


    • The pleasure is all mine :).

  • I have exactly what you said for code, it didn’t paste in the comment. You can email me at info@realgoodcoaching.com

    • I am seeing the final html where you have everything in the output and that can only come if you have the complete HTML code and not the hidden div’s content or hidden fields.

    • Email sent but I see your WordPress theme has footer hook twice.

  • No, this is what i have.



  • Actually is shows up at the bottom, but not in the slide up..very weird.

  • I beleive the form is painting vertical and not horizontal. Whats up? Please help.

    • You have posted the whole of Aweber code in the text area where as instruction says you should be pasting only the hidden div portion of the html code.

  • Looking at other websites from users in your blog, it just occurred to me that the BYOBWebsite footer plugin and your slider plugin conflict. Duh to me! Sorry to bother you, but I do very much like your footer plugin.

    Take good care,

    • Those are old comments and I have made upgrades to the plugin such that those conflicts don’t occur any more. If you still see any issues, I will be more than happy to look into it and update the plugin accordingly.

  • Thank you for a great plugin!

    I have a question though. When I set-up your Aweber Footer Plugin, I get 2 form types in my Footer (see: http://DeliberateAbundance.com) — one horizontal + one vertical

    The hidden Aweber form code I put in is:



    How do I get just one of the two forms to show? Preferably the vertical.

    I am also using the BYOBWebsite.com Footer Plugin, which takes “widgets”. If I add a 5th column, is there any way to get your Form into that 5th column (as a widget), so it is closer to the top of the footer?

    Finally, any way to change font size?

    Thank you so much for your assistance.

    Take good care!

    • Hi Malcolm, I don’t see my plugin active on your site.

  • I have updated the plugin to add lot of features as well as solve lot of jQuery bugs. To summarize following changes are done.

    • Default Text of all form fields like Name, Email and submit button.
    • Option to add CSS from the Plugin CSS file or copy the same into theme CSS File and exlude the plugin CSS file.
    • Option to Remove – Close for Now and Never Show Again links
    • Optional name field.
    • Use of WordPress support for jQuery as well as make it optional so user can use the jQuery emebeded by theme or other plugins.

    I have tried to covered every request in the comments here and if you have anything more do let me know.

  • Hey Shabbir i have some problem here with the plugin that i only see the name space only no email or subscription button…take a look here http://josephjmyoya.com/ and offer me your suggestions plse. Thanks

    • Joseph, Its happening because your theme is making the input elements as display:block and so add the following lines to your theme’s CSS file.

      div#footerform .formInputfooter {display:inline;}
      div#footerform .formInputSubmitfooter {display:inline;}

  • Shabbir,

    Here is a copy of my footer php editor file. The footer is on my site, just too low.??

    This is the part that I added.

    • You cannot share codes in comments below and WordPress comment editor will mess it up. You can email me the code. My email is on the contact page

  • Huh?

    Wow! Sometimes, like now for example, I feel so dumb. It just may be due to the fact that I haven’t been down that road as of yet.

    I could hire you to do it for me. Problem is, I want to learn how to deal with the problems as they come up.

    Thank you so much for the link to the problem. Problem is, I don’t have a clue, how to open the body to insert the code.

    I plan to go to the editor of the theme and see if i can find the refferenced to area, if so I will plunk (put)it in. If not, you know already the answer.

    Shabbir, you are definitely the go to guy. I know for a fact that as I learn how to deal with the problems that arise while learning to be a better web-operator (WebMaster is far beyond me at present.), I, like the others that your are helping, will find a way to repay your kindness in great multiples.

    • Thanks for those kind words Glen.

  • OK,

    How do I put the hook into my theme?


    PS. Thanks for the quick reply, will talk tomorrow, going Nite Nite.

  • I did the aweber form thing, took the Raw HTML to settings, installed and saved.
    I still get no form at the footer of blog.

    I can’t quite figure out about the header or footer hook. I edited the plugin and found nothing.

    • If you added any code in the box then it is your theme which has the missing hook in the footer.php file.

  • Shabbir,

    I’mmmmm Baaack.

    Hi Shabbir,

    I was never able to retrive my information on my other site that I dumped as a result of installing the Javascript instead of the RAW HTML also in the wrong place. I’m a telling you. That will tare you a new button hole. There was no retrival in the future so I dumped and started over. Just dumping it was a real pain.

    Anyway, I have bebuilt that site and it is just sitting there with no help. Currently I am trying to get my latest accomplishment up and running.

    I have installed the footer slide up, on the later site, but I don’t remember how to get it to work. Just so you don’t realize just how ignorant I am, I plan to go to Aweber and check to be sure that I have indeed made a footer for this site.

    If I recall when I first installed the original slider on Renewable.com, it asked me to put in some code before it would work.

    Did I miss these instructions again? Duh!

    Thank you. Have a great laugh.


    • Yes it looks like you have missed the code.

  • Hi Shabbir,

    It’s working perfectly now! I think my site must have a case of delayed reaction. Thank you so much for your help and patience. Really pleased to have this plugin.

    • The pleasure is all mine Evangeline

  • Hi Shabbir

    Have re-entered the code and is exactly as your instructions but still nothing shows. Would it help if I re-installed the plugin? For information this is what I pasted in:

    Any help with this much appreciated – sorry to be a pain.

    • Hi Evangeline, Yes I can get that done for you but on your site allergybusters.net I see my plugin working and in action. Do you still have the issue?

  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for the plugin. Had a problem that the footer showed up but not far enough. Saw your advice to Nick (your top comment) and realised I had inserted too much of the code. Amended it as you said but now doesn’t show up at all. What have I done wrong? (HTML is a mystery to me)

  • Hello I love your plug in but I have a question. Is there a way to move the footer up a bit? You can barely see the name, email and subscribe buttons they are too low.
    See my site here

    • You have to add that in CSS file to make your footer form area large.

      • How do I do that? Is there a specific code I should enter?

  • e


    This plugin is great! Is there a way to drop the name field from the footer?


  • Hey there.

    We just installed the plugin and we really it this far.

    … however, is there a way to get the “subscribed” window to open up in the same window? We are simply redirecting people to a ‘Thank You’ page on our site and this it is kinda weird that the same site is opening up in a second browsing window.


    • Brad, that is not an option as of now.

  • Great news.

    Can you please tell me where in the CSS I change the height of the form. If you look on our site (http://starsofwellbeing.com/) you will see when the form pops up it is very shallow. I would like to make it deep so we can add an image.

    Where do I make the change in the CSS to make the form deeper?

    Thanks for your help,


    • Just add the following to your Theme’s CSS file.

      div#footerform {height:60px !important;}

      You can change 60px to your preferred height.

  • Hi Shabbir,

    Thanks so much for this Plugin it really is great.

    I am trying to make it higher but cant see how to do this in the CSS?

    What I really want it to create something like this guys below. I dont know him I just like how it looks:


    I am not really a designer so wondered if you offer this service to help me create this?

    Thank again!


    • Hi John, the pleasure is all mine for the plugin and I don’t see anything on that site different and can you share a screen grab or something for me to look at what you are trying.

      • Hi Shabbir,

        Is the guy on the site I sent you using your plugin then in his footer?

        I suppose my question is then can you help me do the same to mine (as in a paid for service). Do that is a bit out my depth.



  • Kelly

    How do you change the color of “Close for now” link?
    I tried this with no success: #footerform #closefornow {color:black;}

    • Kelly, It should be for the anchor element a and not for the div. So #footerform #closefornow a

  • Hi Shabbir, thanks for the quick relpay,
    Yes, that’s what I meant, sorry if I wasn’t clear enough,
    When both plugins are activated sharbar dissapears.
    I think I’ve had similar issues with another floating plugin, cannot remember which one it was.
    Thanks for the time and effort you put into the plugin and the support you provide.

    • Tobi, It has to be jQuery conflict and I have taken all care to avoid that and if you can have a setup where you have the issue I can look into it and fix it for you.

  • Hi Shabbir.
    I’ve been trying to add Sharebar plugin to my site and apparantly theses two do not work together very well. Have you heard it before? Any idea how to fix this issue?
    Best Regards

    • Hi Tobi, Do you mean to say that my plugin and sharebar does not work together? If this is what you meant I think I can look into the issue and come up with some solution.

  • Whew Shabbir;
    I kept copying vast sections of code… no go… until I read the actual lines in the first comment. Bingo ti works fantastic. Just what I wanted, present but unobtrusive.
    Thanks so much for you hard work.
    Michael Brown

    • The pleasure is all mine Michael and great to see you finally managed to get it solved.

  • kick ass plugin.
    very nice work.

  • Thanks for your quick replay.
    it turns out w3 total cache was messing with my images.
    your plugin is great , thanks again.

    • The pleasure is all mine Tobi.

  • Hi Shabbir, great plugin
    I seem to have problems with the header image.
    I had no problems with a jpg image but for some reason, png will not show up.
    are PNG. images accepted at all?
    best regards

  • Hello Shabbir,

    I hope you are trying to fix the jQuery conflict issue. In our website http://www.lightningmma.com/ we are using the Anything slider in the home page. When activating your Aweber-Footer-Slideup plugin, this one works properly. But the AnythingSlider’s is crashing.

    Please advice as soon as you find the fix for this jQuery issue.


    • Hi Bala, I don’t see the slideup plugin installed and so not sure I can debug the issue.

      • Hello Shabbir,

        We have deactivated that plugin when it doesn’t work properly. I will activate it for next 3-4 hours. Please have a look and help us if possible.


        • Sorry Bala, I am not in town right now and so will not be able to debug it that fast. You can disable the plugin and when I return on Oct 17th I can look into your issue.

  • Hi shabbir Please tell me where the Generate Inline AWeber Web Form URL link

    • That should be under the web forms. See the type of form.

  • Hello Shabbir,

    Your plugin is awesome! I really like how it was placed in our blog. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out why I am redirected to an error page saying:

    Mailing List Not Active
    This mailing list is not currently active.

    Please push the “Back” button and notify the website owner.

    May I know how to fix this? I’ll be looking forward to your response.

    • It works perfectly fine for me on your blog. Are you still getting that same error?

  • πŸ™ Just found out the plugin causes my Featured Posts “leaf” in the Headway theme break. Now I can’t use it. πŸ™

    • Justin, If you don’t mind sharing the details of the issue and I will be more than happy to get it solved.

      • Sure, but I believe it is theme specific. I use the Headway theme. In it, they have a “leaf”. This “leaf” allows me to put a slider of posts (in my case, posts of my web design clients. You can see this slider at http://www.pinebeltwebdesign.com. When I installed this plugin and entered in my info, the plugin itself worked. I entered in my name and email and it subscribed me. The problem is that instead of the sliding posts (as you see now on my homepage), it displayed all of the posts in the slider one after another down the page. This may be confusing as I explain it, especially if you don’t use the Headway theme.

        • Justin, I can sense the issue is with the JQuery conflict and if I am able to work on the issue I can get it resolved. Not sure how though.

          • I understand. Nobody expects you to work yourself to death for a free plugin. I will monitor this page to see if there are any updates to the plugin. Thanks for all you do!

            • Yes I have plans to upgrade the plugin and expect it coming soon.

  • What a great plugin! Thanks for making this available for free!

  • Thanks for the plugin.. I just installed it and it works great!

  • Shabbir,

    I have the same problem as some above. When I copy and paste the html, the slide up shows the text, but not the optin text boxes or the submit button.

    At least, I can’t see it from my end

    • Shawn, you have posted the complete html from AWeber and you should only paste the hidden div html and that should solve the problem.

      As an example you have the labels from AWeber code
      <label class="previewLabel" for="awf_field-22628565">Name: </label>

  • Hey Shabbir,

    Excellent plugin. I love it.

    Slight Issue – Your plugin doesn’t seem to like my WP Facebook Like plugin. When I installed your plugin it kicked the FB plugin into a 404 error on my pages. I deactivated my FB plugin for now but:

    Do you have any suggestions on how I can get these 2 plugins to work together.

    Thank you for your awesome work!

    • 404 to your plugin? Can you share the plugin URL you are having issues with and I will be more than happy to see what the issue is?

  • David

    Hey Shabbir, thanks a bunch. I reinstalled the plugin and it’s working fine in Firefox. Just an FYI, I don’t know if you have ever tried it in Safari, but when you click the subscribe button nothing happens. If you would like, I will send the domain via email so you can check it out.



    • Dave, yes I have the same plugin installed here and I do have tested the same in FF / IE / Safari / Chrome / Flock and it does work for me. Send me your blog URL in email or you can also leave your blog link here in the blog and I will be more than happy to have a look at it.

  • David

    Shabbir, I just switched to your aweber plugin (from feedburner) and I cannot get the subscribe button to appear. It just shows up as a white space in the shape of a button, but it is not pulling the button image. I replaced the css in the plugin editor to be as follows:

    div#footerform .formInputSubmitfooter {
    background-image:(imqges/sub.png) no-repeat;width:168px;height:29px;


    Is this correct?

    • David, See if the image exist on the image path. Also share your blog URL and I will be more than happy to have a look.

      Also I will suggest you to remove the plugin and re-install it again because I was testing few things yesterday and it looks like you installed the plugin in the middle of my testings because I was playing with the text of the submit button only.

  • Dave

    Hi Shabbir,

    Thanks for the plugin. a couple of quick questions. Mine is installed and working fine, but i’m wondering if you could give me a heads up on how the finished code for the submit button should look.

    i currently have in my .css file:

    .formInputSubmitfooter {
    background-image:http://www.pretend.com/aweber/button.jpg norepeat;

    could you give me an example of exactly how you would put the code in if the submit button that i created was 90px x 26px ??

    Also, I’d like to change the font size and color for “close for now” and for “never show again” .. what is the CSS for those?

    • Dave, your image url is wrong but to change the dimension of the button you can add the width and the height in the formInputSubmitfooter css file only.

      For the font of close links the class is close under footerform.

  • Hi Shabbir. I seem to have made the same mistake as someone else….. I fixed it. Thanks for a cool plugin.


  • Here’s where it is installed

    This is the HTML: I’ve pasted in… I did nothing to the code other than copy and paste.

  • Erik

    Hi Shabbir

    Thx for your quickly comment, I’d like to replace the grey submit button “subscribe now” with a fancy one, with an image as background instead. I’m not a big techie and checking the CSS in my theme I’ve got no idea how to replace this button, which code, were.. πŸ™

    • Erik, I can get that done for you as well. Use contact option to send me your blog URL

  • Erik

    Hi Shabbir,

    Thx for this great plugin and the tutorial, that rocks ! Just some trouble about locating which CSS to change in the theme, if you could just tell us which of your tutorials help in Css, or the piece of code to paste there πŸ˜‰ Have a nice day

    • What changes you wants to be doing because for CSS you can add anything for an ID under footerform.

  • Hi Shabbir,

    Absolutely fantastic plugin! It only took a couple of minutes to install and customize it. I only wish every web task were as clearly explained.

    Thanks for the great plugin and the awesome job explaining how to use it.


    • Jody, the pleasure is all mine.

  • How can I change the text that reads “Subscribe By Email for Weekly Updates.”? I would like to offer a free ebook for subscribing.

    • In the WordPress Admin you have the option to change the tagline.

  • Hello Shabbir,

    Thanks so much for an awesome plugin! How do I remove the never show again link? Thanks again – will be following you on twitter.

    • You can do that by adding the display:none to the CSS of the link.

      • Cristian

        I would also like to remove the never show again link, but I’m not sure what you mean by “You can do that by adding the display:none to the CSS of the link.”

        Could you please be more specific?

        Maybe tell us what to remove and what to put in place?

        And where is the CSS of the link, please? πŸ™‚

        • Cristian, just add the following code to your theme’s CSS file.

          #footerform #dontshowanymore {display:none;}

  • Shabbir, you have one of the best & most understandable sets of instructions for creating Aweber Footer SlideUp! Your site is so informative that I spent more time then I had planned reading and learning… I put off finishing an artcle I was writing to stop and set up my new footer form! Thanks!

    • Lorrie, the pleasure is all mine.

  • Ok Shabbir you asked for it. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to create a subscribe button AND get it into format or proper language to put in theme CSS. I’m not that advanced but can follow directions. So, I can create the button…but how to get it to be recognized in CSS? If you’ve already covered this somewhere link me to it. And one more thing…Is it possible to change the background color from blue to ??? If so, where do that? I know your time is valuable. This will probably help others too. Thanks in advance!

    • Brett, You can add the following in your CSS files to change the background color.

      div#footerform {background:#COLORHEX !important;}

      Similarly for CSS button if you would like to use an image.

      .formInputSubmitfooter { background-image:IMAGEURL norepeat;width:imagewidth;height:imageheight;}

      If you have issues you can contact me and I can get this done for you.

  • I just need to go through your tutorials to learn how to change background color and button now. Thanks So much!

    • Let me know if you see any issues and I will be more than happy to help.

  • Oh, i just saw this last post. I fixed my issue. Do I still need to remove and reinstall>?

    • No if the problem is solved you don’t need to re-install.

  • Shabbir, awesome job on the plugin.
    My question is this…
    I see your Heading Tag Line text is written in black, mine is a hard to read faded gold color. How to and where do I change txt colors please?
    Brett Brodie

    • Brett, In your theme CSS file add the following #footerform .tagline {color:black;}

      • Thanks! So awesome, I did it. I bought UFA and couldnt get it to install at all, then I came across you thank goodness. I am on your list and following on twitter and FB thanks again.

        • Thanks for subscribing and do let me know if you see any more issues.

    • Brett, I updated the plugin to have the tagline color issue fixed and so I will recommend you to remove the plugin and install it once again. It should work fine for you now.

  • This Plug In Rocks man. I am hoping it increases my lead list to it’s fullest potential. Thank you for creating this Plug In.

  • Shabbir, AWESOME plugin. I’m amazed how easy you have made this. I have two questions though. What is the Header Image URL? Where would that image show up?
    Also, I noticed on your slider (here) your subscribe button is nice and pretty.. however the one I have is just the normal default submit button. Any input? Thanks!

    • Header Image URl is the Image URL for the ebook you want to show in the left corner when the plugin slides up.

      Also you can customize your button using the CSS. You can put the CSS under your theme’s CSS file.

  • Sweet! Got it. Thank you very much! It’s working perfect now… Did you leave the code open so that the plugin can be modified?

    • Nick, yes you can modify the code if you want to. It is completely open.

  • I installed the plugin and I am not sure I am following your directions entirely on “what portion of the aweber code to paste into “Hidden AWeber Form Fields (Required)”. I pasted the the entire code into the form and the “name” and “email” webforms don’t show up in the footer yet the footer does slide up and the bottom of my site. I put it on this site here http://doggypottyreviews.com/. Please give me some direction. Thank you!

    • Nick, Not the entire code but code inside the first opening div i.e. the following code

      <div style=”display: none;”>
      <input type=”hidden” name=”meta_web_form_id” value=”1323376358″ />
      <input type=”hidden” name=”meta_split_id” value=”” />
      <input type=”hidden” name=”listname” value=”dogpottytrainin” />
      <input type=”hidden” name=”redirect” value=”http://www.aweber.com/thankyou-coi.htm?m=video” id=”redirect_99e09063ce93b1aaf4c68196d507886f” />

      <input type=”hidden” name=”meta_adtracking” value=”footer_test_form” />
      <input type=”hidden” name=”meta_message” value=”1″ />
      <input type=”hidden” name=”meta_required” value=”name,email” />

      <input type=”hidden” name=”meta_tooltip” value=”” />

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