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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

Avoiding the make money online scams

When I talk about lots of ways to Make Money Online I get lots of email saying it looks so simple and I feel it could be scam and so I would like to throw some light on how you can avoid scams when it comes to making money online. Make money online is one of the most targeted niche when it comes to scams and when you search Google about “Make Money Online” you would get hundreds of results in Google Sponsored search results and majority of them are all scams.

There are quite a few signs available when it comes to detecting scams.

Don’t buy Secret Formula

You should not buy any secret formula to success like book or product to start making money. I share them here for free and there are many other blogger like me who do the same and so any knowledge to make money is always available freely on internet.

Don’t Pay to work

You should not pay to work on any data entry task or any adposting task but instead you should be paid for doing the work.

Don’t think Anyone can do it!

One of the most common term you would see in any scam site is they would say “Anyone can do it!”. If that slogan would have been true we may have avoided the biggest financial crisis working on the method they have suggested.

Do Google about the offer

If you found something like “Ad typing Job” Add Review or Scam as keyword and search about it in Google like “Ad typing Job Review” or “Ad typing Job Scam” and see how many people have reviewed about the product by even making a purchase so you don’t loose money. See my review and experience of Adtyping Job.

Does this mean you should not buy anything online? No you should buy but judge yourself as to what am you are buying. I spend thousands of dollars hosting my sitesSearch Engine marketing, Email Marketing or even buying books in Amazon and many other things. What I mean is If I am selling something to make you millionaire I should not be one selling it for few dollars. That does not sound like a good business proposition.

If you are still not sure ask me to test something of this sort for you.  If that program promises to be a billionaire you would be the second one after me if it works for us :).

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • hi rabbish thanks for the post ! helpful ;

    but one question what do you mean by enterpreneur ?isn’t this work?

    explain more the diffrence about worker and enterpreneur and thank you so much !

    • The one such difference between worker and entrepreneur is worker is self employed where as an entrepreneur creates opportunities to hire a work force.

  • jack

    pleas especify What a scam is

  • muhammaddimyati

    Thanks for your brilliant info's. I would like to acquire on how to become your affiliate member.

  • Nikhil

    i have accidently met u in seaching of ethical hacking
    but there is no such key word like hacking like that
    is it @ scammmm????

  • sir
    how to make money without a paypal account

  • tejendersinghthakur

    Excellent one keep up the good work really appreciated

  • dharmapalasenaratne

    Quite a sound, commonsense advice.

  • dharmapalasenaratne

    Quite a sound, commonsense advice.

  • ODOnline

    Once in a lifetime everyone gets scammed, some stupids (like me) encounter it twice…

    And I've never believed in “secret formula” nor “anyone can do it” things

    • I have been done more than thrice. Its just not by one program

  • anubharaj

    sir please give me the full detail to how to work and how to earn money

    • I have the free course that I offer has all the details but remember this is not work from home but its about becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Andrew

    Sounds convincing!Going to give this a try.

  • Avik

    This would be helpful to lots of us here

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