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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

As a Freelancer and Blogger A Simple Answer To – What Do You Do?

A question that every freelancer, blogger or anyone working from home has faced it and the question is always from people who mean the most i.e. family and close friends but don’t understand what freelancing and working from home is all about.

And the problem is they don’t take the short answer to this question either.

I am a freelancer or an online blogger.

And the follow-up question can be with complete details of what you do, how you do, where you do etc.

So I have made answers so simple for freelancers and bloggers that it is really easy to explain.

  1. Freelancers: I work for clients from home – A simple answer with very low probability of follow-up questions. Even if this question has follow-up questions they are mainly related to where are your clients or customers from. Again that question should be answered by not telling them all over the internet, or everywhere and be specific either America or geo-location of the most recent client that you can remember. Specifying location helps because it makes them feel that the person may have personal contact in those locations to get clients and don’t need to explain how I get new clients.
  2. Bloggers: I have my own websites – Don’t use the word blog as a website is much safer and easier to explain. Even when you use the word website, don’t try explaining how it makes money because more often the convention is you should be selling something on your website to make money. Advertising revenue as a business model is not accepted. Even if people ask do you have an eCommerce website, it can be safe to accept your blog as an eCommerce site.

The next question that often comes to me is how many people work for me?

Your Turn

What is the most common question you face and what is the answer that you often use?

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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