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Amazon SES – My Review After Using It For 9 Months

I was really very satisfied with Mandrill for sending newsletters and server email but 27th April 2016 Mandrill became a MailChimp addon and stopped standalone SMTP Email Service for sending emails.

Was forced back to Amazon SES. After almost 9 months of using Amazon SES, I like it so much that I moved AWeber for my investment blog to Amazon SES using Sendy and have similar plans for IMTips as well.

Increase in SES Sending Quota

Initially, the number of emails I can send every 24hour was 10k and wasn’t sure how the increase in limit works but was prepared to send 10k each day for 5 days to send 50k emails but to my surprise sending quota increased as soon as I sent 10k emails.

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Better Open Rates

There is no point in comparing Mandrill and Amazon SES now because Mandrill is not an option at all but comparing AWeber and Amazon SES via Sendy, I noticed an increase in open rates.

Better open rates may be because images in Gmail are enabled by default for Amazon SES mail but not for AWeber and Gmail treats AWeber emails as newsletter but Amazon SES mails as personal. Whatever be the internal reason, open rates are better for Amazon SES mail over AWeber emails.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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