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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

Amazon Check In India – My First Ever

Amazon has always been in my list of least preferred site for ordering books because of extra shipping cost that it adds to deliver books in India. It also means I don’t prefer recommend it to my readers but prefer Flipkart over Amazon but recently I started offering links to Amazon.com for international readers and Flipkart for Indian readers (Like here). Slowly earnings in Amazon Affiliate account started accumulating and it reached a point where I was sent a check.


It feels great when you get these earnings surprises. This check is already credited into my SBI Bank account.


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Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Arun Kumar

    I have a question.

    Do you fill the Tax form with EIN number.

    Are you face any Non-US Self-Publisher Tax Issues? That mean they are withhold 30% amount from your earnings.

    • I have my PAN number and so I don’t think Indian should have issues with that. If you don’t have a PAN card, its better to be getting one.

      • Arun Kumar

        No i am taking about filling Amazon.com Tax form.
        Are you add your PAN number in Amazon Tax form?
        Are they reduce any amount from your original earnings?
        Now Amazon taking 30% of affiliate earning for US tax law.

        • I haven’t received any check from Amazon since last October anyways because I have moved from Amazon.com to Amazon.in links but I am about to get one soon and will see if I have anything being kept as Tax or something.

      • FakeIDD

        Shabbir dear i need help for account of my amazon affiliate. i want to know how and where i can buyers for my my affiliate products. hope for a swift reply. thanks

        • You will not get the buyers for your affiliate products just like that.

  • Tony

    Hey Shabbir,

    Awesome man! It’s just come on right time for me. And, you’ve a new fan for your blog IMTips.

    I’ve been working on an Amazon affiliate site for a few months. Both traffic and conversions are great. But I’m facing payment issues. Amazon sends checks by post and they lost somewhere on the way. As they don’t provide any tracking code, it’s not easy to locate them.

    Since you are an expert, could you please help me by answering these:

    1) Do you have the same experience?
    2) Does Amazon send checks by ordinary post or the registered post?
    3) How much time it takes for checks to reach at your Indian (Kolkata) address?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Tony,

      Glad you like my articles. Here are the answer to your questions.

      1. Amazon sends check in normal post but I don’t have issues of checks getting lost or anything and has been getting them regularly.
      2. Ordinary post.
      3. Almost 20 Working days.
      4. By Courier I did not meant the private services but postal service only. What I meant is I got the physical checks through postal / courier and not direct deposits.

      Also we are talking about Amazon.com and not Amazon.in because Amazon.in has option for bank transfer for payment to Indian Publishers.

      I hope I have answered all your queries and questions.

      • Tony

        Thanks Shabbir. You are awesome! So nice of you to take time to answer my queries in detail. I’m convinced now. Thanks a lot!

  • Jouko Hatipkar

    Did you got any further checks from Amazon?…. And what is the average number of days for getting checks from Amazon.
    I received my first check in 7 days and the 2nd check in 15 days….but I haven’t received my 3rd check and its already 23rd.
    The bad thing is they send check by ordinary mail which can be easily lost. I had asked them whether they can send it through DHL, haven’t got any reply yet.

    I am getting nervous since this check was my biggest of $549….

    • Yes I did get further checks as well and normally it is by courier and so can take longer times.

  • Waleed Tayyab


    I would like to know if it is even possible to cash an Amazon check from any bank?. Unfortunately, I am in Pakistan and I have got an Amazon check. There is no Wells Fargo Bank in Pakistan. So, any help and advice would be much appreciated on what can I do with the check. Where did you cashed your check from?.

    • In India, you can deposit any currency check in the bank and foreign currency checks are cleared in Indian banks in 21 working days.

  • Congrats Shabbir. All the best for next check. 🙂

  • Rakesh

    Oh… Btw congrats for your cheque as well.. I am so silly 😛

  • Rakesh

    Can you please tell how do you deposit that cheque in SBI because I received my first cheque from Amazon yesterday and luckily I have an SBI account as well.

    I mean do we have to fill the slip normally or something special. Do we have give any proof or letter or something. Or do I have to personally go there.

    It would be a great great help if you could share what to do because this is my first cheque in USD ever and I don’t want thinks to go wrong.

    Waiting for your response.
    Thank you.

    • Rakesh,

      First of all congrats for getting the check from Amazon and normally the process to deposit the check is same as any other Indian check but the clearance would take 21 working days before amount is credited into your account.

      So I will suggest you to keep a xerox copy of the check you submit.

      • Rakesh

        So that means do not have to answer silly and suspicious questions like why I got the USD, what is the source of income and etc etc. I will get a xerox done which I really didn’t thought of. Thanks for that.

        As you say it is same as India cheque, that means I fill in the slip with the USD instead of rupees. What I am really afraid of is that do I have to give any proof or letters or something because I don’t want unnecessary trouble. I though don’t mind if it takes even 1mnth to clear the cheque.

        • No your income in USD is no different and at least they don’t ask me anything. I just fill the slip and drop the check in the dropbox and rest is all handled by SBI Team.

          If you want to be doubly sure make sure you don’t drop the check in your nearest branch but a main branch of your city.

          • Rakesh

            Ok thanks for the help. Let hope all ends well..

            • The pleasure is all mine Rakesh.

          • Jouko Hatipkar

            I have account in HDFC and every time I deposit the Amazon check, I need to give in writing explaining how I got this check.

            • Yes. Foreign remittance needs a reason associated with it. I prefer using SBI instead of HDFC because SBI has better forex rates though.

  • bhupender singh

    sir kis trah se kiya jata hai marketing

    • Please ask your questions in English. Regarding how to do marketing is too general a question to be asking and browse the blog and you will find the answer to it.

  • Ravi

    Congrats Shabbir.

    And thanks for providing the link to 11 lessons.

    • The pleasure is all mine Ravi.

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