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5 Added Advantages for Indian Bloggers

Do you agree on the fact that Indian Bloggers have any added advantage? I think they have lot of added advantages over their peer International Bloggers and let me share what I think are the top three five added advantages for Indian bloggers.


1. Low costs of living in India

Cost of living in India is quite low compared to other developed countries and this becomes the best advantage any Indian blogger can have to get started with blogging.

I have been on the other side of the interview table for quite sometime now for many small start-ups in Kolkata including WebSpades Technologies and have interviewed quite a few fresher engineers and graduates, I can tell you for sure that and an average engineering student that passes out here in India (Or May be in Kolkata at least) have an expected salary in range 4 digit figures to lower 5 digit figures. This means that if he can make roughly 200 to 300 USD online, it is as good as his salary.

Earning 200 USD from an online blog is very easily achievable provided he is willing to build his blog and provide value to his readers in the starting days? The dilemma is Indians try blogging to be millionaires overnight and for a job they are fine getting a degree after few years of education. Try giving few years to blogging and I am sure it can achieve lot more than what you would get in any job financially as well as mentally.

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2,3,4. Few High Quality Bloggers, Low Competition & High Traffic

In November 2012 The Telegraph published an article about Top Indian Bloggers and though the article misses some of the better Indian bloggers I personally know like Deepak Raj of BikeAdvice or Manish Chauhan of JagoInvestor and many others who definitely make more than $1000 for sure from their blog, the point I am trying to make here is there are very few bloggers who even make what International bloggers like Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn or Brian Clark makes from their not so popular sites. So if you have interest in any particular topic, you can always create a blog from an Indian perspective in a similar niche of what international bloggers blog about and still be successful.

Take the case of IMTips – I would say it is pretty much similar scenario of copying international bloggers and adapting to Indian perspective. I am (and was) also follower of top bloggers (Top Bloggers I Follow) like Problogger, CopyBlogger and many others as well as was an active member of many other forums like SitePoint, DigitalPoint and HighRankings. I used to get emails from my own forum (Go4Expert / MBAGuys) as well as other forums about building forums, monetizing forums and other Internet Marketing Opportunities in India.

I was tired of answering those questions in emails and so finally decided to put those answers online. I was least interested in creating yet another Make Money Online Blog and so I just dumped those articles on one of my existing dead blog CodeItWell.com because I thought it would just help me reply to such emails with just a link. I could never imagine that even TechCrunch and others would pick up my content and link to it. The response was so awesome that I had to create IMTips because now I was tired of explaining that CodeItWell.com is not about coding but it is about Internet marketing. The main focus of IMTips is not to make a living for me and so I am not focusing on monetizing it as of now but may think about it in the future. That does not mean I don’t make anything from IMTips. I review and recommend lot of resources and products that I use for my online business and some of them earn me a commission when purchased.

Talking about competition, it may be really tough (read impossible) to find a niche that is less competitive and yet can have a fairly large audience globally but if you add Indian GEO to the niche, it automatically becomes less of a competition. When you blog on anything from an Indian perspective it automatically becomes less competitive and is still targets a very large audience. Remember Indian population, clearly a big advantage as an Indian.

5. Booming eCommerce in India

According to WikiPedia India has close to 10 million online shoppers and is growing at an estimated rate of 30% per annum. Indian retail market is estimated at $470 billion in 2011 and is expected to grow to $675 Bn by 2016 and $850 Bn by 2020. I don’t give a damn to those numbers apart from that fact that it reveals one thing, which is eCommerce is growing in India at a sparkling rate.

Coming back from eCommerce to blogging, if you try to say the same thing as what an established blogger have said, it becomes useless but then if you try to speak from a perspective of users related to India, readers can very easily connect with you. This is one of the prime reason I prefer using the domain as shabbir.in to shabbirbhimani.com for my technical analysis blog.

When I first launched my Do It Yourself Technical Analysis eBook in Jan 2011 for Indian audience I was skeptical if it would be accepted or not. Will Indians prefer an eBook or they would prefer a conventional hard cover paper book. I was ready to test things out and so launched the eBook shabbirbook.com and found that people are really interested in buying an eBook from me.

Of course having an eBook as well as paper book would tap a larger audience but then just the eBook is also not a bad choice. Though not many people in India prefer paying with a credit card, they give me a call to know other payment options like bank fund transfer (or NEFT as we commonly know) or even Cash on Delivery. I have those payment option as well but then more than 50% of my sales are through ClickBank. If you prefer to start selling with ClickBank here is a step by step guide to get you started selling with ClickBank.

On top of that if your target audience are Indians, you can adapt to India’s unique selling propositions like Cash on Delivery Payment option or NEFT Bank Transfer Payment option or may be even ECS Payment for recurring payments. Clearly an added advantage for Indian Bloggers.

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Final Thoughts

Do you now agree on the fact that Indian Bloggers have some serious advantages? If you agree why not just get started blogging? If you have any further questions, sound off in comments.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

  • Deepak, Shabbir and Manish – You guys are rocking !! Thanks for motivating lots of other who want to be like you !!. Big Thank You !!!

  • vinodh

    bike blog mentioned by you is a great example. india focused

    • Yes it is a blog by Deepak Raj (Not the only writer and has few bike enthusiasts as well).

  • vinodh

    only very few blogs like yours (and labnol) are worth reading.
    most write about electronic gadgets which doesnt serve any value to the readers. it is very evident that write for money . ads should not be intrusive.
    most write about just anything they want for the sake of money (maximizing clicks). blogs in my opinion should focus on one topic.

    • Vinodh, glad you liked my blogs and I completely agree on your point about blogging for the sake of ad clicks.

    • alan

      you are right vinodh sir

  • alan

    you really made me feel happy as i spent my 2 and half years(10th standard-12th,now just sitting after giving board exams ) researching on the net about websites,blogs…and followed top and all sorts of blogs in blogging niche…and now know quite well about internet marketing and many more fields,i have now decided to drop one year and go for engineering next year as i have devoted my last 2 years completly to internet world,not physics chem maths…so i was just going to start my online empire silently 😉
    this post is definetly right…and also cheered my mod up!!

    • Alan, glad to see this helped you.

  • A nice post. Blogging is definitely a good replacement for a traditional job but it comes at a huge price – and it is the requirement to be proactive than being re-active. For entrepreneurs like you, right now it may not seem like a big deal but if you think back, the hardest part of starting a business is the need to make your own rules and be your own boss. A lot of people throw away the phrase “be your own boss” as if it is a sexy term, but it is one of the single most difficult thing in the world and those who can really be their own strict bosses are the ones who achieve.

    Apart from blogging there are so many new opportunities propping up in India because of the rapid growth of the internet economy. A lot of people are taking advantage of it and enjoying the freedom and financial returns from their own projects. But A LOT of people are still stuck in traditional jobs.!

    • Completely agree with you on this. In India there are too many online opportunities to grab and many grabbing them with open arms.

    • alan

      ya,crores of people are still running after companies so they can work as servants(engineers) there..i also will do engineering only to please my mon dad,,as they dont know what iam doing online

      • Education will always help and it is one of the best investment ever.

        • alan

          it will help,definetly..but in a country like india…where everyone is a engineer…it might not help…so doing something that is unique is good

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