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What Freelancers Must Know Before Accepting Work On Upwork

Every client will not have their requirements clear and so if you don’t take the time to understand the requirements and craft a custom proposal from a template you will have a hard time when proposals are accepted by clients for vague projects.

The client wants to clone few sites major functionality in 30 calendar days and there is nothing much that you can do about it then avoid or if you have an invite, decline.

So here are some key points that every freelancer must consider before accepting work on Upwork.

1. Verified Payment

New clients must verify their payment method and freelancers should avoid clients who are yet to verify it. This is an important aspect that I look for a client when applying for projects.

There is no harm in applying to projects even if you don’t see client has verified payment and project requirements looks fine. It may be that client is doing the process of verification which can take some time. Ideally, you should accept the offer only when the payment is verified.

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2. Profile

I like to see client’s profile of how long has he been a member and what kind of other projects client has posted before which may or may not have resulted in someone being hired.

If a client has posted way too many projects without hiring anyone, it creates doubt in my mind if he is looking to hire? The client may not always find the right freelancer each time but too many projects with lots of proposals and without anyone being hired can be a bad sign.

3. Bypass Upwork

Payment through Upwork builds confidence for clients and freelancers. Clients know they will pay only when the deliverables are of satisfactory quality and freelancers know their payment is protected.

I always prefer Upwork for payment because their fees for long term clients is as low as 5% which is very close to PayPal fees and adds payment protection.

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4. Requirements

The most important aspect that I look at is requirements. I bypass all the above criteria if I see clear requirements and If I will be able to deliver them within the needed deadline.

Even if all the requirements are not clear but if major requirements are clear, I am fine with it.

5. Timeline

I understand requirements but still need to see how busy I am to get the amount of time needed to deliver the deliverables within the timeline. If I am not able to manage deadlines, I either decline the offer or ask how much time I will need.

Looking for your first paid client? I’ll show how

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